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Heart-Centered Leadership as a path forward

I practice Heart-Centered Leadership in my professional and personal life. This article offers a description of this practice as well as benefits for organizations and society.

Concerns Based Adoption Modeling:  White Paper on a Change Theory

A publication for the Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN), an organization for research and implementation of change management in Higher Education.

Being a Safe Place to Land: How to Support New Employees Recovering from a Toxic Workplace

If you supervise a talented new hire who's struggling to hit the ground running due to previous workplace experiences, how do you support them to reset and succeed in their role?

It's Not Just What You Say. It's How You Say It!

Some of the best communication goes completely unnoticed. It’s likely that the people you admire, those who speak flawlessly, have honed speaking, storytelling, and writing with practiced intention.

The Detail and Nuance of Generational Marketing

​It’s not enough to embrace the speed of change in modern day marketing. Evolving technology and brilliance in creative content are only small portions of a successful marketing strategy.

 How to Make Your Loyalty Program Stand Out

ESG criteria within the design of loyalty program rewards and incentives promote sustainable and responsible behavior among customers.

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Achievement Intelligence is the Essential Guardrail Needed to Honor Humanity with AI

Achievement Intelligence is a new layer we must consider with AI to honor the humans doing the work optimized by technology.

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 The Intersection of AI and Loyalty

How AI can be used in loyalty to drive a more meaningful relationship with your customers.

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When to Start a Loyalty Program

There is a race to start loyalty programs. But how do you know if you really need one?

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It's Not Personal...or Is It?

Ask any small business owner if they went into business to become an armchair marketer. Marketing requires that you know where to connect with your customers or how to expand your business.

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Why Welcome Journeys are Like Sleep Training

When you are sleep training a child, the education starts at the beginning of the night, rather than at wake-ups in the middle. Similarly, customer retention efforts work the same way.

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Losing Customers Due to Lack of Relevance? Part 2 of 2

We are facing a significant gap in customer expectations versus reality in personalization, as 85% of brands believe they’re offering personalized experiences, while only 60% of customers agree.

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