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Five Simple Ways to Rock it When You’re the Only Woman in the Boardroom

Featured on Forbes

Think about the space you want to occupy at the table. The edge and perspective you bring as a woman is the difference between a mediocre and high-performing executive team.

Five Leadership Strategies for Women in Business

Featured on Medium

We know how to show up for our business and for everyone else, but showing up for ourselves is much harder.

Seven Reasons Your Career Has Stalled

Some careers show constant forward momentum, while others languish. If you suspect your career might be stalling, here are seven issues to explore.

Does Grammar Matter Anymore?

Featured on Medium

Despite the breakneck speed and laid-back style of even the most professional content these days, grammar still matters. It holds the potential to make or break your career. Here's why.

When You Need to Over-Communicate With Your Boss

Featured on Forbes

Communicating effectively is not just for leaders and managers. Employees need to over-communicate if they want to meet their own needs.

A Year-Round Guide to Self-Advocacy

Featured on Forbes

Women are not great self-promoters. Girls are taught at a young age not to draw attention to themselves. Addressing the gender pay gap means also addressing the gender mindset gap.

Three Ways to Future-Proof Yourself in the Next Normal

Featured on Forbes

We often hear that with every challenge comes opportunity. If you have been waiting for a sign to make a change, the next normal may have sped it up for you.

How to Activate Your Love Affair with Legacy

Featured on Medium

My love affair with the concept of legacy is a validation of self-love and an affirmation of success and self-leadership. No matter who you are, you too own that power. Here is how to activate it!

Here's How to Nail Your Next Remote Presentation

Featured on Forbes

With COVID-19 came the necessity to be able to work remotely, which also means presenting remotely. To do it right, you need to take seriously things you may have ignored up until now.

Five Steps Women Can Take to Self-Advocate

Featured on Forbes

As I work with women in a diverse range of industry sectors, a common theme emerges. We can label it as lack of confidence, a reticence to be bold, or a fear of taking risks.

Your Performance Review Is Rigged, and This Is How

Featured on Forbes

Your performance evaluations may be based on how you compare to others and a product of unintended consequences of workplace criteria.

Volunteering Can Improve Your Productivity at Work During COVID-19

Featured on Forbes

From managing a global pandemic and equally uncertain political and economic environments to adjusting to working from home, we are perpetually learning to find a new balance.