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Just Let Go and Surrender

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What are you unwilling to let go of? Are you holding on to something so tight it hurts? It's time to let go and surrender.

Quotes to Fuel Your Client-Powered Start-Up

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In the current business environment of dynamic and dramatic changes, every advantage matters.

Keep At It: Pushing Through the Struggles of DE&I Work

Featured on Forbes

DE&I is hard work. If it's not hard right now, that is probably an indication you're not digging deep enough, because we're getting to core systemic issues that have been in place for generations.

Four Elements of a Post-Crisis Operating Model for Financial Institutions

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As we turn our thoughts to business operations post COVID-19 crisis, there are four key areas banks should focus on to better serve their customers while improving their own efficiency and resilience.

Four Approaches to Opening the Hard Conversations About Racism, Antiracism, Advocacy, and Allyship

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As we have begun a national conversation about racism, we need individual dialogues about our roles in perpetuating systemic racism. These conversations will be difficult. Here are four ways to start.

A Personal Networking Story: Go Beyond the Job Posting and Reach Out

Yes, networking can help your job search – even if you think you don’t know a lot of people, even if it’s an entry-level job.

Before You Quit to Care for Your Family, Have This Conversation with Your Boss

Featured on Forbes

Employers must equip individuals with resources they can use to start the conversation and create caregiver-supportive workplaces today.

Stitching Together: Five Ways Online Sewing Communities are Reducing Work Stress

Featured on Forbes

Online communities acting as informal support groups are rising in popularity among young people.

Identify Your Values For More Harmony and Joy

Having a world-class life requires us to live with purpose and from our values. We have to follow our values for more harmony and joy.

The Table in the Boardroom: Ways to Increase Diversity

When a candidate is asked to meet broad, unrealistic, and unnecessary expectations, the pond shrinks to traditional profiles of older, white, and male.

Give Grace During the Time of COVID-19

Featured on Medium

​As we move into the six-month mark recognizing how COVID-19 has changed our lives, the stress is palpable. Giving space and grace to yourself and others can help with coping.

Mobilize Women Annual Summit , Event Recaps

Embracing Human-Centric Policies and a Culture of Belonging

Companies who embrace a culture of belonging and put people at the forefront will ultimately succeed and be able to attract and retain the best talent.