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Be Unapologetically You

Featured on Medium

With the COVID-19 containment, our personal and professional lives have started to get more and more blurred and intertwined. We don't need to apologize for our personal lives, but embrace them.

Your New Normal: How Will it Look?

Featured on Medium

Out of the pandemic can come incredible growth and a new awareness about what’s really important in our lives.

Coping with Quarantine Life: Four Simple Tips from a Clinical Psychologist

The stressors we encounter in life are much less important than how we handle them.

Three Steps to Avoid Internalizing a Disempowering Message

Featured on Medium

Do you find yourself repeating a disempowering message over and over again, whether to yourself or to your audience? Learn three steps to break the internalization of the message.

Work is the Key to Freedom and Independence

Featured on Medium

Discover and develop your aptitudes and skills to break the chains of co-dependency. Find joy in your work and use it as a vehicle to gain freedom and independence in your life. Improve the world.

How and Why to Hire a Ghostwriter

Featured on Medium

Why force someone to do what they don’t want to do? Or maybe even can’t do? Putting various content out in the world is no longer optional.

​Leading Teams in Our New Normal

Featured on Medium

Relevant and timely advice from top executives at Cisco, Zoom, Amazon Web Services, Unilever, and more on how to lead, motivate, and support your teams in our new normal.

"I Have No Idea What to Do"

Featured on Medium

People who normally feel very confident are feeling unequipped to make decisions in the midst of so much heartbreak, economic devastation, and uncertainty. What can you do?

Ambition and Happiness: Having Both at the Same Time

Featured on Forbes

How do successful senior leaders stay centered and happy in the midst of work that can be stressful, demanding, and unpredictable?

Create Beauty Even During Tough Times

Tough times bring about a lot in each of us, but we might create a little bit of beauty if we let ourselves.

A Call to Courage in Crisis

Featured on Medium

An unconventional method to activate your courage during times of uncertainty.

Coaching, Inspiration, and Overcoming Limitations: A Discussion with Michele Risa

This is a time when everything’s turning upside down for many of us, and it offers us an opportunity to realize who we are, what’s working, and what is not.

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