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Define Your Personal Brand and Proceed With Confidence

Many of my senior-level female clients feel vulnerable when they come to me, and they frequently lack confidence. Instead of presenting themselves in terms of their prodigious gifts, they tell me abou

Lead And Succeed: What Creative Women Do Differently

While you can’t quantify success or the precise skills that lead to it, for women working our way to the top, we know that it takes something different to reach a position of professional leadership.

Don't be a Marketing Dinosaur

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the past 10 years, and brands need to evolve their strategies to meet the demands of the emerging digital world. There is no room for dinosaurs.

The Biggest Mistake Smart People Make On Their Resumes

Featured on Huffington Post

The biggest mistake smart people make is having inconsistencies between their resume and LinkedIn profile. This can raise "red flags" with employers who wonder why.

In Marketing, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Featured on Huffington Post

The success of your marketing has very little to do with marketing and a lot more to do with good old-fashioned hard work.

Four Ways to Network (When You Don't Love Networking)

Employed or unemployed. Corporate or entrepreneur. There’s one activity they all have in common that seems to cause a level of stress and resistance like no other.Networking. We all know how import...

How To Have Difficult Conversations

Let’s face it. We humans can be terrible communicators. But having tough conversations is part of being a grown-ass woman …not to mention it’s essential for getting what you want out of work and life.

Emotional Intelligence Part I: The 5 Competencies

How’s your ‘EQ’? It’s not a question you’re probably asked very often, if at all, but it’s definitely one to consider – especially when it comes to your career.For years, a person’s “Intelligence Q...

What Recruiters Want From Job Seekers Today

I hear a lot of anxiety from job seekers about how to get noticed in THIS market -- job search strategies that worked in the past may not work anymore; high unemployment means recruiters are inunda...

3 Ways Brands Can Jump on the Wave of 'Emoji Speak' to Reach Women

Featured on Huffington Post

Several years ago, a friend texted me "LOL." I responded, "Lots of love to you as well!" When I later discovered that he was laughing at me, I was slightly embarrassed, but I was more perplexed.

How to Keep Social Media from Hurting Your Job Search and Career

Featured on Huffington Post

Social media imparts on career professionals the importance of creating an outer professional image that aligns with an inner professional image.

How To Make A Happy Engineer

It is wonderful to read and hear so much enthusiasm behind increasing the number of women in STEM careers. What worries me are the comments made by well-meaning people giving advice who are not, thems

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