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What do you need to become a thought leader?

39% of members agree that being authentic is the most important thing you need to become a thought leader.

Color By Customer: The Psychology Behind Colors in Marketing

You might not realize it, but your decision to purchase one product over another is often tied to color....

Why It's OK To Say "I Don't Know" At Work -- and the 12 Words That Can Save Your Career

Since then, Sasha’s become quite the pro at saying “I don’t know” at work, while still maintaining the knowledgeable and competent professional reputa...

Build Confidence and Self Esteem: Stop Stressing about Dressing!

Nothing ruins a woman’s confidence and concentration faster than tugging at her clothes and hoping and praying a seam doesn’t pop open. Trust me; I know. Been there, done that.

Why Knowing and Honing your Personal Brand Matters

I admit it: prior to my work as a certified career coach, I never paid attention to the whole notion of personal brand.

Inside Ellevate Blog

New for Members: Your Inner Circle

Reaching your professional goals isn't easy, but at Ellevate, we're here to help. 20% of you told us that growing your network was your top goal for 2016, so we've been hard at work developing the ...

Stay Curious: 5 Ways Curiosity Benefits Your Life and Career

I love the word curious. There’s an authenticity and wonder about it. It zeros right in on our hearts, and what's calling out for attention. Here are 5 benefits for exploring what makes you curious.

Event Recaps

Recap: A Night of Personal Branding with MBA@UNC and the Ellevate Network

On Feb. 11, MBA@UNC, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School's online MBA, partnered with global professional women’s organization Ellevate Network to host...

Why Having A Client Service Model Matters

It’s no surprise when we set out to grow a business that we tend to approach it with an “arms wide open” mentality, ready to take in and serve whateve...

The Good Don't Only Thrive Young

What does “young” mean? No wrinkles? Possession of wisdom teeth? Diapers? Why is there so much attention in the business world paid to those under 40?

How To Ace A Phone Interview

Phone interviews are quite common for first round and subsequent interviews, so it is important that you are well-prepared to handle them. The key to acing a phone interview is...

Perfecting Failure

I have recently taken it upon myself to perfect the art of failing. You see, I have been hanging out with failure rather a lot recently. So I’ve decided to get comfortable with her. To invite her in.

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