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Seven Powerful Tech Podcasts to Boost Your Career

Featured on Forbes

​Podcasts can do more than provide entertainment on your commute - they can help you boost your career. Check out these seven podcasts to level up your career in tech.

How to Stop Overwhelming Yourself With Your Deadlines

Featured on Forbes

As women, our tendency to people-please can cause us to promise work on a shorter timeline than necessary. Learn how to stop choking yourself up with work deadlines and build in breathing room.

Stop Holding Back and Attract Clients that Love You

Featured on Forbes

If you’re deliberately crafting a brand, you’re holding back. You’re only showing people what you think they want to see. Your ideal clients will see right through the smoke and mirrors.

Ten New Year's Resolutions For a Better, Stronger You in 2021

Do you have your New Year’s resolutions picked out already? Here are ten ideas to benefit you professionally and personally.

Yes, You Have a Brand - Even If You Don’t Know It, Like It, Or Wish It Were Otherwise

If you’re making a big career move – a promotion, a change in role or industry – you will need to rebrand. That's what this Big Pharma VP did to land a C-level role at a biotech start-up.

Make a Name for Yourself: Leverage Your Personal Brand for Business Growth

Featured on Forbes

How will you make a name for yourself? If you follow a consistent strategy, you’ll be leading the conversation before you know it.

Why Women Choose to Stay in the Margins and What They Can Do About It

Featured on Forbes

Women can embrace proactive strategies to increase their profile and ability to influence and impact.

Seven Reasons Your Career Has Stalled

Some careers show constant forward momentum, while others languish. If you suspect your career might be stalling, here are seven issues to explore.

The Great Pause, or How to Tailor Your Dream DVF Style

Featured on Forbes

Five tips on how to continue pursuing one’s life dream in this time of uncertainty.

Seven Tips for Curating Your Virtual Presence

Featured on Medium

Now more than ever, it’s critical to bolster your virtual presence. These tips can help you curate your personal brand in a way that fits your goals.

Why Not You? Why Not Now?

Featured on Medium

Do you have a dream? Whatever your dream is, what's stopping you from going after it?

Three Poetry Techniques to Make Your Writing Memorable

Featured on Medium

How can you strike your reader’s emotional strings when you run against word counts and character limits? Learn from poetry.