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10 Tips For A Successful Video Interview

Video interviews (on Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc) are not the same as live interviews. Technology is a factor and a different set of skills are required. Here are 10 tips to prepare.

Why Influencer Marketing Is Essential For Any Business Looking to Grow

Featured on Forbes

Influencer marketing is a marketing technique on the rise. There is a tremendous opportunity for companies both big and small to realize the power of building relationships with influencers.

Three Tips for Professional Dress at the Holiday Party

Featured on Huffington Post

Color makes your entrance grander, treasures are hidden in your closet and how to look easy, elegant and eye-catching. Plus two tips for keeping up professional presence at the party. Happy & Merry!

7 Questions You Must Ask to Build a Powerful Career Brand

Featured on Huffington Post

​“Your brand is what people say when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon. Here are 7 questions to ask to help build a powerful career brand.

You’ve Probably Never Heard of 2U, but I Joined the Board Because I Know You Will Soon

Featured on Huffington Post

Today, technology continues to rapidly transform every company, entire industries, and our economy as a whole. As a result, more and more working adults are looking for ways to further their education

Are You Playing to Your Strengths or Trying to Fit Into the Mold of Others?

Featured on Huffington Post

It's time to shine a spotlight on your true strengths and on how these strengths can help you reach your goals.

Women are Shooting Themselves in the Foot on LinkedIn

New research tells us that women have some work to do when it comes to using their LinkedIn pages effectively.

The Essentials for Preparing for an Interview

Featured on Forbes

Essential steps to prepare for an interview and land your dream job.

New York City Spends $1 Billion with MWBE Firms

Featured on Huffington Post

​It’s a good (and lucrative) time to be a minority-owned or women-owned business in New York City. There is a tremendous opportunity for MWBE firms looking to sell their services or goods to the City.

7 Steps to Personal Brand Building For Women

Featured on Huffington Post

The issue of personal branding remains topical for female entrepreneurs today. What do you need to know about it if want to succeed? What steps to take? Here's the answer.

There is No Mind Reading in The Career World

​Gone are the days when working hard was enough to earn recognition or a promotion in the career world. Take control of your career trajectory and design your unique path.

Why You Should Transfer Your Website From HTTP to HTTPS

By the end of October, Google will mark stage two of their plan to label all HTTP URLs as ‘Not secure’ in Chrome browser. This means that All websites should be making the transfer from http to https.