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Tap into the wisdom of our community on all topics, personal and professional. We're here to help each other achieve our goals faster and smarter.

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Five Ways To Build Your Brand For A Future Without Jobs

Featured on Huffington Post

In a future without jobs, you want to attract opportunities to you, so that the market comes to you.

Marketing is All in The Mind: Using Neuro-Marketing to Make Your Message Stick

Featured on Huffington Post

You can make more than just a compelling proposition — you can learn how to speak directly to the brain. These new discoveries help you to connect with a person’s emotions through storytelling.

Thinking in Story to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Featured on Huffington Post

Most presentations start with bullet points. But human beings are hardwired to think in story.

The Key to Unlocking Your Productivity Starts With Your Wardrobe

Featured on Huffington Post

Need to find more hours in the day? Simplify your wardrobe.

Reward Your Customers By Using Unique Loyalty Cards

​Research demonstrates that you can grow your customer’s spending anywhere from twenty to forty percent -- just by the use of loyalty and gift cards

Here’s When Women Need to Act More Like Men at Work

Featured on Huffington Post

5 things I've observed regarding what women need to do to make it to the C-suite: get noticed early on, make a difference, ask for what you want, believe in yourself, and ignore the unfair scrutiny.

Enhancing Your Career with a Tailored and Custom Made Wardrobe

Working in the corporate world for many years, I always realized the value of professional tailored clothing. It’s an integral part of a professional image and reputation.

Event Recaps

#MobilizeWomen Recap: Fierce, Flawless and Female: Tips From A World Class Fighter

Fierce. Flawless. Feminine. Women are many things, and it is this diversity that makes us stronger and our community unstoppable.

Why It Might be Time to "Lean Out"

Featured on Huffington Post

Felena Hanson, founder of Hera Hub: workspace for women, discusses the reason women start their own business and identifies the indicators you might be ready to launch.

Essentials for Latina Leaders in Business

Featured on Huffington Post

A few essentials that are necesarry for Latina Laders to be successful in the Corporate world.

Why it’s So Difficult for Women to Become Online Experts and How to Overcome These Limitations

Featured on Forbes

How women and men think differently from each other and why it is so hard for women to position themselves as leaders and experts in their field.

5 Steps on How I Learned to Invest in Myself: An Open Letter to My Sister

Featured on Huffington Post

This is an open letter to my sister as she looks to the challenges, opportunities, and choices ahead of her life after high school.