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Developing Consistency When Creating New Habits

Featured on Medium

​Habits can move us forward or they can hold us back. Regardless, they define who we are. We can turn unhealthy or unproductive habits into healthier or productive ones through consistency.

You Were Born to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Featured on Medium

You were thrust into an unknown world when you were born, and yet you grew. What holds you back now?

Four Ways to Get Back on Track With Your New Year’s Resolutions

​Over 40% of goal-setters drop their new year’s resolutions before the end of January. If the motivation for your new year’s resolutions is waning, here are four ways to get back on track.

Thirty Companies in Thirty Days: Real-Time Insights on the Importance of Employee Health

Featured on Forbes

With employee burnout at an all-time high, leaders are called to address this mental health pandemic. Learn insights and strategies to support employee health in real-time.

Intentional Habits to Glide Into the New Year With Ease

Adding wellness, connection, and success habits to your intentional ideal day is the simplest and surest way to create magic.

Awareness as a Vital Lesson in Leadership

Featured on Medium

Our awareness of self and how our direct actions impact others is paramount as we move forward.

Seven Powerful Tech Podcasts to Boost Your Career

Featured on Forbes

​Podcasts can do more than provide entertainment on your commute - they can help you boost your career. Check out these seven podcasts to level up your career in tech.

Hindsight 2020 - Seven Lessons 2020 Taught Us to Be Better Leaders, Parents, and Humans

Featured on Medium

2020, in its darkness, has helped us see the light.

How to Stop Overwhelming Yourself With Your Deadlines

Featured on Forbes

As women, our tendency to people-please can cause us to promise work on a shorter timeline than necessary. Learn how to stop choking yourself up with work deadlines and build in breathing room.

End-of-Year: Vision, Strategy, and Intention

Are you excited to close what some are calling the “lost year?” Choose instead to look at it as a transition year into our best self and best life.

Counting Joy

Featured on Medium

You've heard of counting your blessings, but have you thought about counting your joy? Maybe it's time.

It’s Possible: Three Ways to Sustain Your Business While Pregnant in a Pandemic

Featured on Forbes

These three simple strategies can help you get the support you need to see success as you grow both your business and your family in a global crisis.