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Three Steps to a Well-Designed Career

If you're feeling as if something is missing in your professional life, it's time to make a change.

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Five Real Tips for Getting to Know Your Virtual Colleagues

Whether you’re a new hire, a people manager, or an existing team member trying to connect, face-to-face connections have never been more important – or more complicated.

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The Most Essential Ingredients to Foster Employee Retention

Valuing employees and treating them as our clients is key to employee engagement and retention.

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Combining Entrepreneurship and Legacy as a Formula for Success

Three tips and real-world insights for building a sustainable, trans-generational female business.

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The Nine Types of People You Need in Your Success Circle

A proven recipe for identifying and activating a strategic and supportive network that will up-level your career and well-being.

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Four Steps to Building a Sustainable, Successful, Soul-Driven Business

I meet strong, successful women with brilliant business ideas every day. But these women often get stuck when it’s time to apply their skills outside of climbing the corporate ladder.

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Four Ways to Get Back on Track With Your New Year’s Resolutions

​Over 40% of goal-setters drop their new year’s resolutions before the end of January. If the motivation for your new year’s resolutions is waning, here are four ways to get back on track.

Why Addressing Design Debt May Be Your Biggest Payoff

Design debt can significantly degrade your user experience. Here's how to address design debt with continuous improvement in mind.

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Thirty Companies in Thirty Days: Real-Time Insights on the Importance of Employee Health

With employee burnout at an all-time high, leaders are called to address this mental health pandemic. Learn insights and strategies to support employee health in real-time.

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Awareness as a Vital Lesson in Leadership

Our awareness of self and how our direct actions impact others is paramount as we move forward.

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It’s Time to Ditch the Lip Service and Snuff Out Systemic Racism

Business leaders have an obligation to fight back against the systemic racism and oppression holding our society back. We must commit to learning more, speaking out, and helping marginalized groups.

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Seven Powerful Tech Podcasts to Boost Your Career

​Podcasts can do more than provide entertainment on your commute - they can help you boost your career. Check out these seven podcasts to level up your career in tech.

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