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The Munro "Cookie"​ Sandal and Why Satisfaction Does Not Equal Loyalty

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are not the same thing. It's important to understand the difference, particularly for small businesses.

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Taking a Non-Linear Career Path, with Jill McGinley

We sit down with Jill McGinley, Vice President of Workplace and CX Marketing Adoption Operations for Lincoln Financial Group, to discuss how she got her start, following a non-linear career path at the same company, and taking the emotion out of pivoting careers.

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Navigating the Supply Chain, with Maria Villablanca

We sit down with Maria Villablanca, Co-Founder and CEO of Future Insights Network and host of "Transform Talks," to discuss being a Latina in the business world, the power you gain from instability, and how to adapt in uncertain times.

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Being Radically Curious, with Amy Borsetti

We sit down with Amy Borsetti, GM of Americas for Asana, to discuss being a queer woman in the tech industry, recognizing social progress, and owning your space in any room.

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Having it All: How to Excel in Two Different Fields and Still Make Time for Yourself

What's the secret to balancing two careers and still having time for yourself?

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How to Measure Inclusion in the Workplace, with Lisa Russell

We sit down with Lisa Russell, Co-Founder and CEO of Aleria, to discuss removing barriers for employees, what it means to be a social impact entrepreneur, and recognizing the lack of trust in the workplace.

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Want to Be a Lifelong Learner? Embrace These 4 Characteristics.

Being a lifelong learner comes with many benefits. To adopt a pro-learning lifestyle, embrace these four attributes.

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Representation Matters, with Theresa Alewine

We sit down with Theresa Alewine, Head of US Business Management at RBC Global Asset Management, to discuss performative allyship, how to track progress with DEI, and why representation dwindles for women and people of color as they move up the corporate ladder.

The Ellevate Podcast
Defining DEI, with Naomi Mercer

We sit down with Naomi Mercer, Senior VP of DEI for the American Bankers Association, to discuss the importance of financial literacy, invisible disabilities, and her new book, "DEI Foundations: Practices for Accelerating Your Bank’s DEI Journey."

The Ellevate Podcast
Are You Undervaluing Yourself? with Ruchi Pinniger

We sit down with Ruchi Pinniger, Founder and CEO of Watch Her Prosper, to discuss becoming empowered in every sense of the business world, saving for retirement, and why women undervalue themselves when they run businesses.

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Our Favorite Mobilize Women Quotes

As we gear up for the seventh edition of Mobilize Women, let's look back at some of our favorite quotes from Summits past.

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Finding Success On Your Own Terms, with Julie Holunga

We sit down with Julie Holunga to discuss breaking patterns of self-doubt, building a glossary of words to present yourself confidently, and how to get out of your own way.

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