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7 Women Who Have Changed the Course of Entrepreneurship in America

Featured on Huffington Post

The U.S. would not be the strong, resilient powerhouse it is today had it not been for the women who boldly pursued ideas ahead of their times. According to research conducted by the U.S. Chamber o...

How to Start Over and Win: Choosing Entrepreneurship Instead of Retirement

Featured on Huffington Post

A lot has changed that affects how we view and conduct business. For one, our economy has changed, and as a result there are many, many women who once worked at large corporations who either left b...

Why Traditional Employment Is Better Than Entrepreneurship

I left a corporate job to launch my own business so you might believe that I’m a fierce advocate of entrepreneurship over traditional employment. Obviously, I thought it was the right choice for...

Several Benefits Working Moms Get from Being an Entrepreneur

Featured on Huffington Post

For eighteen years, I’ve done the daily juggle, wondering how I can get through the day and keep sane. I want to share my thoughts with you. I want to leave you with some nuggets to make your day...

The Art of Letting Go: 8 Powerful Secrets to Letting Go

What if Letting Go Were the Secret to Your Next Level of Success?

4 Ways a Great Advisor Can Protect Your Startup Investment

Featured on Huffington Post

2014 marked the highest annual total of venture capital funding since 2001, and with $47.3 billion in investments, THIS represents a 62 percent year-over-year growth. The Kauffman Startup Activity....

Post-Vacation Blues: a Biz Dev Solution

What’s the best way to start back to work after vacation? Avoid the office. That’s right.

Your Website Copy: An Easy Solution To An Avoidable Problem

Your website is the face of your business. Your customers get to know who you are and what product or service you provide through your website.

3 Lessons Learned from Working at a Startup

Are you curious what it’s like to work for a startup? I took the plunge as a consultant to an edtech startup to learn whether I would like to work for one and to determine whether I had the right...

Event Recaps

Win the Moment Online: Advice from Twitter’s Head of Content Planning

By Christine CondonTwitter users generate one BILLION tweets every other day. That's just one of the stats Twitter's Head of Content Planning, Stacy Minero, shared at the Ellevate Network Jam Sessi...

The Joys of Networking...Really! (Part 2)

Networking is an excellent way to get your “unfair share” of business-building attention. But to achieve your goals, you need to network strategically.

Three Ways Your Business Can Stand Out In The Crowd

As business leaders, the most effective thing that we can engage in is truly getting to know ourselves. It is sometimes amazing how many people go through life pretending to be someone else.