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Women's March 2018: Why I Marched Again

I live on the route. By 10:30am on Saturday morning, there were some number of women milling around. By 11:30am, the streets were packed. Absolutely packed. Shoulder to shoulder.

The One Thing I Want Young Women to Know in 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about my daughter lately, and the messages that I as a mother have given to her – and where I have fallen short.

Let’s Give These Women the Headlines They Deserve

Given that it’s the week of Thanksgiving, I'm supposed to write about the “women I am grateful for.” For inspiration, I just need to look around our office

Yes, I Say The F Word. And I’ll Say It Again.

I found myself searching for a synonym for the word “feminism.” Since I was in a Word document, I clicked on the handy-dandy Tools > Thesaurus in my toolbar. And the synonym that came up for it was…

A Letter to the Men in Our Lives

Defend us when we’re harassed. Underscore our points when we’re interrupted. Give us credit for our work. Sponsor us. Promote us. Pay us.

He Harassed. Later, I Responded.

When I’ve gotten together with my girlfriends since the Harvey Weinstein news broke, each of us has shared our “powerful man made a pass at me at work” story. Here's mine.

Long Live Women Who Speak Up and Fight Back

Misfortune sprinkles ashes on the head of the man, but falls like dew on the heart of the woman, and brings forth gems of strength, of which she herself had no conscious possession - Anna Cora Mowatt

Talking About Money Is Still Taboo... And I’m Over It

We can probably all agree that money is a form of power. And we can probably all agree that a key to full equality for women is financial equality. How can we get there if we don't talk about money?

Act Like a Man to Get Ahead? Hard Pass.

It’s been 44 years since the “Battle of Sexes” aired on live TV. But, given the conversations around women and work today, the tennis match — and the movie about it — feels surprisingly topical.

Everywhere We Look, We’re Being Tested.

Many of us, when asked, might also say that we like to think of ourselves as leaders. We are each testing our own ideas of ethical leadership.

Venus Says Your Job is Harder Than Hers

September. Back to school. Back to work. Crisp autumn evenings. And US Open tennis.

No Woman Ever Made History by 'Playing it Safe'

​Leadership is hard. And uncomfortable. It's much harder to lead. To be first. To do something different.