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Anatomy Of A Thank You Note After Interview

In my latest post for Money and Time, I deconstruct the thank you note after interview. Here is the unedited version: In my recruiting experience, I came across very few thank you notes, which is a shame. A thank you note is one more opportunity for cand...

How to Find Your Professional Mission

Sallie Krawcheck shares seven lessons for finding your professional mission In a recent survey about priorities in taking a job, the Ellevate Network found that gentlemen put “money” at No. 1 and women make it No. 4. The No. 1 reason women take a job is...

Why Women Must Be Fearless Investors

While women are working towards closing the gap on earning as much as men are (on average), their financial wants and needs remain very different.

The Entreprenuer Mum Is A Leader

If we had all the answers to all the problems and situations, how would life be? High hopes, I am told, when I ask this question to working women , entrepreneurs and even leaders. And then I ask if we actually managed to find the right and apt answers to...

The 'M' FACTOR: An Entrepreneur's Staple Diet

When the big idea struck and you knew that your breakthrough thought could change something around you or your environment, something that could lead to an obvious solution or an answer to a long forgotten problem…the moment that turned you into an entrep...

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The Nucleus of Business: The Achievement Potential

We always begin with the ‘expected potential’, but how many Entrepreneurs can safely guarantee the ‘achievement’ potential of their business? It is not just the good idea or a good plan, but the executor and execution of that idea and plan. It depends on...

Literature: The Rise and Fall of the Patriarchy

Literacy is revered for its innumerable benefits. But there was a cost and the price was paid in the birth of patriarchy and gender dynamics. The invention of the alphabet tilted the balance of power towards the masculine-a shift that took place eons ago,...

Why an Executed Mediocre Plan is Better than a Perfect Plan in Limbo

It’s been said that “Planning is an elegant way of procrastinating.” But what are the differences are between a brilliant plan and a mediocre one -- and how important is it to take action sooner rather than later? If You Don’t E...

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Why Women Executives Need to Get Social

Social media has undeniably become a bona fide leadership tool. By expanding your toolkit to include social media, you are killing two birds with one stone: strengthening your reputation as a leader and enhancing your company’s brand. Women executives who...

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Yes You Can...But Can You Afford To?

Building a business from scratch often means hoping others will extend some good will or credit to you. It’s not unusual to reciprocate with a bit of your expertise at no cost to them.

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Empowering Women: Pizza, the Pill & Partnerships

What empowers women? Would you believe pizza and the pill? Take-out pizza and delivery changed women’s lives: working women could now have dinner on the table even if they arrived home late.

What is your Networking Escape Route?

We’ve all been there. You are at a networking event and someone comes up to you. They are talking and you can't get a word in edgewise. Here are tips for escaping those conversations.