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Investing With Impact: How To Make Your Money Work for You and for Society

Featured on Forbes

Statistics show millennial women want to give back with their investment choices. This article explains how OZ investing is helping women have a positive impact, and offers advice for getting started.

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Four Things to Improve Your Financial Health in the New Year

Featured on Medium

As you start this New Year, here are a four important things to consider to ensure your financial health is in good shape.

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​Why Women Need to be Wealthy and What We Can Do to Get There

Featured on Forbes

Women earn less than men, invest less than men, and live longer than men. Not only are the facts frustrating and disappointing, but the repercussions are also huge.

20 The Ellevate Podcast

Talking About Money, with Lindsey Stanberry

From working publishing house basements to the editor of one of Refinery 29’s most sought-after sections, Money Diaries, Lindsey Stanberry, joins us this week to talk about how her career started.

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Five Ways to Do More Good (And Save On Taxes, Too)

Featured on Medium

Here are a five ways you might choose to do more good this year with your charitable passions.

12 The Ellevate Podcast

Expanding Your Wealth Through Personal Finance, with Natali Morris

This week, we sat down with broadcaster, speaker, writer, and educator, Natali Morris to discuss managing your personal finances.

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Dodging the Cashier Check Scam

Many freelancers and entrepreneurs are victims of a cashier check scam. Here's my story of being targeted, with tips on how to spot and prevent this scam and what to do if you fall victim to it.

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do ... Even at Work

Featured on Medium

Break-ups are not easy. However, they are necessary.

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5 Things to Remember in a Nervous Stock Market

The stock market is fretful. I’ve always thought of the price, and the daily price movements, of individual stocks as telling a bit of a story.

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Americans Keep More Money in PayPal than Cash in Wallets

Logica Research highlights findings from their Spring Wave of the Logica Research Future of Money Study. Consumers report keeping more money in their PayPal accounts than Cash in their Wallets.

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3 Women Tell Us Why They Did – Or Didn’t – Get a Prenup

There's no right or wrong here.

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What Women Breadwinners Need to Know About Wealth

Featured on Medium

Women breadwinners need to claim their power and take ownership of the wealth they’re helping create for themselves and their families. Here’s how.

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