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COVID-19 Mortality Rate for Black Americans is Double that for White Americans – How Rebuilding Trust Through Communications Might Reverse the Trend

Featured on Medium

COVID-19 hit my community, my people, the hardest. Public relations practitioners know an effective communications campaign can influence a targeted audience in an impactful way.

Three Steps to Courageous Allyship

Featured on Medium

Sometimes being an effective ally can be risky and require an immense amount of courage. Here are a few strategies to get started and help commit to real change.

Don't Lose Sight of What You are Called For

We need to be cognizant of how we make people feel, because this tells a great deal about ourselves.

Managing People in Abnormal Times

Entrepreneurial women can utilize people management skills to position their businesses for success in abnormal times: economic recession, communal conflict, the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.

Why a Crisis Should Change How You Lead

Featured on Forbes

During a crisis, different leadership skills are required to foster a sense of team, motivate employees, and create engagement.

The Power of the Pivot

Featured on Forbes

While words of support have warmed many hearts, seeing brands share their action-led story is making a difference and saving lives.

Why We Sometimes Wish Susan Would Fail, and What We Can Do About It

Featured on Forbes

Providing answers to the question of why women are often more critical of female colleagues than of male counterparts.

Five Steps for Using Your Authority to Create Balance

Featured on Medium

As long as your team is successful and meeting company goals, you have the opportunity to create your own work-life balance - you just have to convince yourself to take it.

Radical Candor: Part 2 – Breaking it Down

Featured on Medium

I’m a proponent of straightforward feedback at work – doing my best to be constructively frank with those who report to me, and looking for that same frankness from those to whom I report.

How ICE’s Announcement Will Have a Global Impact on Education and the Economy

Featured on Medium

The uncertainty that the announcement has brought will impact how future students and their families decide on their education. We will lose students that will be the leaders of tomorrow.

How Are Your Employees Treated? Nice vs. Kind.

Featured on Medium

The executive says, "I don't understand why they are so upset - I was just trying to be nice." But there's a difference between being nice and being kind to employees.

Stripping Away Bias, One Avatar at a Time

Featured on Forbes

The pandemic's effect of a virtual workplace can lead us to compensation equality, free of conscious and unconscious bias.