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Women Founders and Funders are Outperforming, So Why is Gender Inequality Growing, and What Do We Do About It?

How to build sustainable structures to drive workplace inclusivity before it’s too late.

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Innovating Through Empathy to Thrive in a Divided World

We have designed systems, cultures, spaces, and norms that don’t embrace empathy. And as a result, we are suffering.

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Empower Your Teams to Be Resilient

To continue to foster trust and build greater resilience, managers need a deeper understanding of their approach to empowering teams and their communication styles.

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Three Steps to a Well-Designed Career

If you're feeling as if something is missing in your professional life, it's time to make a change.

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The Heartbreak of Student Loan Debt: How 529 Plans Can Help

A 529 plan contribution can be a forward-looking Valentine's Day gift to help future students avoid the heartbreak of student loan debt when it comes time for them to pursue their educational dreams.

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Five Real Tips for Getting to Know Your Virtual Colleagues

Whether you’re a new hire, a people manager, or an existing team member trying to connect, face-to-face connections have never been more important – or more complicated.

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“Error, Error… I’m Stuck!”

In a time when many organizations and companies strive to be gender-inclusive, there's a place where gender stereotypes are still accepted... at home.

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The Most Essential Ingredients to Foster Employee Retention

Valuing employees and treating them as our clients is key to employee engagement and retention.

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Combining Entrepreneurship and Legacy as a Formula for Success

Three tips and real-world insights for building a sustainable, trans-generational female business.

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The Nine Types of People You Need in Your Success Circle

A proven recipe for identifying and activating a strategic and supportive network that will up-level your career and well-being.

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Four Steps to Building a Sustainable, Successful, Soul-Driven Business

I meet strong, successful women with brilliant business ideas every day. But these women often get stuck when it’s time to apply their skills outside of climbing the corporate ladder.

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Four Ways to Get Back on Track With Your New Year’s Resolutions

​Over 40% of goal-setters drop their new year’s resolutions before the end of January. If the motivation for your new year’s resolutions is waning, here are four ways to get back on track.