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Your Employees Deserve Better, with Meeghan Salcedo

We sit down with Meeghan Salcedo, Chief People Officer of IPC Systems, to discuss creating a positive, collaborative work culture, the complexities of the term "impostor syndrome," and building trust while working in a hybrid environment.

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Feeling Strong in Your Body and Safe in Your Mind, with Jennifer Cassetta

We sit down with Jennifer Cassetta to discuss setting boundaries, how the body responds to and survives trauma, and her book, "The Art of Badassery."

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Life Is Too Short To Be Doing Something You Don't Love, with Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

We sit down with Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, Founder of Carol Parker Walsh Consulting, to discuss retaining female leadership, listening to your inner voice to show up for yourself, and how a car accident helped change her perspective.

The Ellevate Podcast
The State of Women in the Workplace, with Rachel Thomas and Alexis Krivkovich

We sit down with Rachel Thomas, Co-founder and CEO of LeanIn.Org and OptionB.Org, and Alexis Krivkovich, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, to discuss the 2022 edition of McKinsey and LeanIn.Org's Women in the Workplace report, including why women leave the workforce, how to retain better representation and leadership, and the ups and downs of hybrid work and flexibility.

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Calm, Confidence, and Curiosity, with Cindy Tsai

We sit down with #1 bestselling author Cindy Tsai to discuss burnout, slowing down, and her book, "So Much Better."

The Ellevate Podcast
How Data Will Save America, with Poppy MacDonald

We sit down with Poppy MacDonald, President of USAFacts, to discuss her work with USAFacts and Politico, how her experience on Capitol Hill helped her understand voters, and why more women need to run for office.

The Ellevate Podcast
Managing in Crisis, with Lynn Wooten

We sit down with Lynn Wooten to discuss how to help your manager lead better, how she became President of Simmons University, and her new book, "The Prepared Leader."

The Ellevate Podcast
Leading the Charge, with Donna Cryer

We sit down with Donna Cryer, President and CEO of the Global Liver Institute, to discuss equity in healthcare, being a Black woman at the forefront of healthcare awareness, and raising awareness about liver disease in women.

The Ellevate Podcast
You Belong Everywhere You Want To Be, with Ngozika Okeke

We sit down with Ngozika Okeke, designer of Ngozika Okeke Clothing, to discuss how she got her start as a model in high school, navigating being an entrepreneur during a pandemic, and how to support survivors of sexual assault. Content warning for discussion of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

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Using Challenges and Obstacles as Fuel, with Deepa Purushothaman

We sit down with Deepa Purushothaman, author, speaker, and co-founder of nFormation, to discuss being a woman of color in the workplace, taking care of your health and wellness, and her book, "The First, the Few, the Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America."

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The Munro "Cookie"​ Sandal and Why Satisfaction Does Not Equal Loyalty

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are not the same thing. It's important to understand the difference, particularly for small businesses.

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Taking a Non-Linear Career Path, with Jill McGinley

We sit down with Jill McGinley, Vice President of Workplace and CX Marketing Adoption Operations for Lincoln Financial Group, to discuss how she got her start, following a non-linear career path at the same company, and taking the emotion out of pivoting careers.

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