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​What Do We Need as a Team to Succeed in a Corporate Environment?

The four elements to consider when you are leading a team to make it efficient, successful, and meaningful.

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Finding Purpose and Defining Values Through Coaching, with Sushil Cheema

We sit down with Sushil Cheema to discuss her journey into coaching and explore how setting visions that build cohesion among teams, especially in a remote environment, can help take the next step in your career. She also covers topics such as confidence issues that leaders may face, her experience as a solo-preneur, and the differences between coaching and therapy. Lastly, Sushil shares her insights on what makes a good coach and how to find one who fits your needs.

The Ellevate Podcast
We Need to Talk About Women+ Health in the Workplace, with Brooke Bartholomay Quinn

We sit down with Brooke Bartholomay Quinn, Chief Customer Officer at Carrot Fertility. With her vast experience and insight into reproductive health, Brooke is the perfect person to discuss normalizing menopause, perimenopause, and fertility care in the workplace. We’ll also be delving into how healthcare companies and doctors often treat childfree women differently than those who have or want to have children.

The Ellevate Podcast
How Can a Building Be Healthy? with Joanna Frank

We sit down with Joanna Frank, President and CEO of the Center for Active Design and President and CEO of Active Design Advisors, to discuss how buildings can affect your physical and mental health, how climate change is affecting real estate, and working real estate during a financial crisis.

The Ellevate Podcast
Transforming Your Relationship with Yourself, with Kalpa Gupta

We sit down with Kalpa Gupta, Founder and CEO of KNEKXT Group, to discuss carrying generational trauma, how she helps sexual abuse survivors find their voice, and how you can support survivors as a coworker, friend, and otherwise. (CN/TW: talk of sexual abuse)

The Ellevate Podcast
The Changing Face of Tech, with Paula Ratliff

We sit down with Paula Ratliff, President of Women Impact Tech, to discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with other professional women, creating a work culture where women can thrive, and why the retention rate for women in tech is so low.

The Ellevate Podcast
Safety is a Human Right, with Soyini Chan Shue

We sit down with Soyini Chan Shue, Owner and Founder of City Safe Partners, to discuss working in a field dominated by white men, providing opportunities for people of color, and her passion for entrepreneurship.

The Ellevate Podcast
Leaving a Cushy Corporate Life and Following Your Passion, with Amanda Cotler

We sit down with Amanda Cotler, Director of Operations for Accel Lifestyle, to discuss climbing the corporate ladder, making difficult decisions, and sustainable fashion.

The Ellevate Podcast
Your Employees Deserve Better, with Meeghan Salcedo

We sit down with Meeghan Salcedo, Chief People Officer of IPC Systems, to discuss creating a positive, collaborative work culture, the complexities of the term "impostor syndrome," and building trust while working in a hybrid environment.

The Ellevate Podcast
Feeling Strong in Your Body and Safe in Your Mind, with Jennifer Cassetta

We sit down with Jennifer Cassetta to discuss setting boundaries, how the body responds to and survives trauma, and her book, "The Art of Badassery."

The Ellevate Podcast
Life Is Too Short To Be Doing Something You Don't Love, with Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

We sit down with Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, Founder of Carol Parker Walsh Consulting, to discuss retaining female leadership, listening to your inner voice to show up for yourself, and how a car accident helped change her perspective.

The Ellevate Podcast
The State of Women in the Workplace, with Rachel Thomas and Alexis Krivkovich

We sit down with Rachel Thomas, Co-founder and CEO of LeanIn.Org and OptionB.Org, and Alexis Krivkovich, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, to discuss the 2022 edition of McKinsey and LeanIn.Org's Women in the Workplace report, including why women leave the workforce, how to retain better representation and leadership, and the ups and downs of hybrid work and flexibility.

The Ellevate Podcast