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Everyone is a Leader -- Titles be Damned

Featured on Medium

Leadership is a position that many of us aspire to – and a quality that many of us try to gain. Yet, we often wait until we have the title or authority to begin to develop our leadership style.

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Lessons From the Question: “Can You Be a Good Mom and Entrepreneur?”

We need to redefine what it means to be a good mom. Perhaps we need to redefine what makes a good entrepreneur, too.

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Want to Get More Money and Respect?

Featured on Forbes

Often, we apologize reflexively or minimize our brilliance and contribution resulting in lower pay and less influence. Get out of the apology trap and claim your rightful place in the world.

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You Must Negotiate

Nearly 70% of women accept the salary they're offered and don't negotiate.

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Working With People You Don't Like

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We all have to work with people we don't like. Here are some tips for dealing with people you don't like at work.

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Negotiate Your Salary Wisely - It All Adds Up

Featured on Medium

Every job you take at a slightly less salary, every raise that gets promised to you ‘next spring’ puts you back. Women are not ‘simply’ earning 80 cents on the dollar, but way less than men over their

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Krista Sande-Kerback on Strategic Career Moves and Networking Even When You Want to Go Home

PLUS: How a one-minute pep talk could turn your whole career around.

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​Three Techniques to Stop Panicking and Start Speaking

Featured on Medium

It’s easy to think that public speaking is a skill that passed you by. Would you believe me if I told you that that public speaking is something that can be learned?

21 The Ellevate Podcast

Earning a Seat at the Table, with Alison Gutterman

On this episode, Alison joins us to talk about her experience working for her parent, the generational differences at work, and the emotional story of how she become the CEO.

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Got Discipline?

We're all busy. Successful presentations require time, thought, and practicing out loud. In short, discipline.

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The Two Most Important Skills For Long-Term Success

As the nature of work changes due to technology advancements and the rising use of contract and gig workers, two skills will be increasingly important: empathy and critical thinking.

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How Your Side Hustle Can Benefit Your Main Career

Featured on Forbes

A side hustle doesn’t have to be just for personal fulfillment. In fact, it can help you to develop the skills you need to advance in the workplace, which is great for your employer in the long-run.

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