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You Must Negotiate

Nearly 70% of women accept the salary they're offered and don't negotiate.

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Working With People You Don't Like

Featured on Medium

We all have to work with people we don't like. Here are some tips for dealing with people you don't like at work.

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Negotiate Your Salary Wisely - It All Adds Up

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Every job you take at a slightly less salary, every raise that gets promised to you ‘next spring’ puts you back. Women are not ‘simply’ earning 80 cents on the dollar, but way less than men over their

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Krista Sande-Kerback on Strategic Career Moves and Networking Even When You Want to Go Home

PLUS: How a one-minute pep talk could turn your whole career around.

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31 Reasons To Be A Part Of The Ellevate Community

Our community of professional women are here to support you through career transitions, lift you up with you're down, and provide business opportunities and education that will help you succeed.

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7 Steps To Transition to the Career You Want

Thinking of transitioning to the career you really want? This article will help you devise in 7 steps how to best switch careers.

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This Is How Your Squad of Women Will Change The World

Women supporting women — that’s what Ellevate’s all about. Who will be in your squad?

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The Impact of Community: How Katica Roy's Squad Helped Her Create Pipeline Equity

Pipeline Equity CEO and Founder Katica Roy tells us about the importance of having a support system through your career journey.

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Want to Be Taken More Seriously At Work? Master These 15 Habits

Establishing your credibility takes time and effort. Here are 15 habits to master so your company and your colleagues will take you more seriously.

Equal pay Inside Ellevate Blog

How to Get Paid What You’re Really Worth: An Equal Pay Guide from Ellevate Network

We are committed to providing you with the resources you need to succeed in work and in life, so we’re going to be very explicit here and break down exactly how you can ask for and receive the raise.


Investing in Yourself is a Habit You Need to Build

The truth is, the skills you need to land a job are, in fact, totally different from the skills you need to have a successful career. Having a successful career takes tenacity, resilience, an investme


11 Steps to Creating A Shared Vision for Your Team

Imagine that you had a vision of running a half marathon 5 months from now. Let’s assume you currently have a little bit of running experience, but you are now ready to push yourself to the next level

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