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Why Women Work for Less, and How to Change the Pattern

Featured on Forbes

In what sane developed world should it be acceptable that a person who is exploited feels guilty about asking not only for what they deserve, but what they have rightfully earned?

Stop Being a Dutiful Student at Work

Featured on Forbes

Being dutiful students may have gotten us to where we are today, but it's not going to help us advance to higher levels of leadership.

20 Career Management Mistakes Women Can't Afford to Make in 2020

Featured on Medium

Make this the year you focus on what you can control, exude confidence, and dare to make bold career moves.

How to Be an Unstoppable Woman

What were the forces at work that helped create your unstoppable path? Or are you still in pursuit of your purpose?

The Neuroscience Behind Habit Change

Featured on Forbes

The brain hardwires everything that we repeatedly do – this is how habits are formed. So the stories we tell ourselves over and over become default paths, the circuitry the brain naturally activates.

Influence: The Workplace Success Secret Weapon For Women

Featured on Medium

You have influence, but are you using it to positively impact the trajectory of your career?

How to Receive Feedback: A.I.M. for Success

Featured on Forbes

We've all heard that the ability to receive and integrate feedback is key for long-term success. Learn how to turn feedback into progress in three easy steps.

Are You the Invisible Woman at Work?

Featured on Medium

Seven strategies that will increase your visibility so that others will know who you are, know your value, and know your name.

Quiz: Do You Work for a Todd?

It’s January. “New year, new you.” Time to get that promotion, secure that raise, shift your career into high gear.

Your Confidence Matters as Much as Your Competence

Featured on Medium

Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men — and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence.

Are You Seen as Strategic Enough to Lead Others?

Featured on Forbes

Are you seen as strategic? A reputation for excellence and reliability aren't enough to propel you to higher levels of leadership.

The Science Behind “Think and Grow Rich” and Why it Works

Featured on Forbes

Can you really “Think and Grow Rich?” As a career-driven professional, chances are you’re looking for ways to have a leg up on growing in wealth and influence through your life’s work.

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