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Here's Why You Should Encourage Employees to Write to Their Future Selves

Featured on Forbes

A "three-year letter" is a powerful tool to help you define a vision for the future for both your personal and professional life.

The Subtle Ways Women Play Small at Work

Featured on Medium

Everything you’ve accomplished professionally and will accomplish begins with the way you see yourself.

Drop the F Be More Successful

Featured on Medium

People tend to look at failure as THE biggest, baddest, scariest word in their lives. Fear of failure holds people back from learning, growing, and experiencing new (and amazing) things.

Mobilize Women Annual Summit , Inside Ellevate Blog

A Look Inside Mobilize Women 2020 | Highlight Reel

Ellevate's signature Mobilize Women Summit is coming back for a fourth year! Join the movement. Are you in?

The Critical Business Relationships Most Women Overlook

Featured on Forbes

It’s not enough to be a high performer; you must have strategic relationships with those around you. Unfortunately, many women fall short in one key area.

How to Reach the Next Level in Your Career

This article is written for those of you who feel it’s too late, who are wondering what it takes to accomplish success later in life, or who may be feeling discouraged professionally.

A Wake-Up Call For Your Career: Five More Introspective Questions

Featured on Medium

You shouldn’t wait for a trigger event before you examine how strong your professional foundation is. Here are five introspective questions to act as a wake-up call for your career.

To be a Thought Leader, Start With Thoughts

Featured on Forbes

Many people want to be seen as a thought leader, but few break through. Three characteristics of genuine thought leaders can help you along your path.

What’s In A Title? How Your Identity At Work Now Can Shape Your Future

Featured on Forbes

Having more women leading companies and in C-Suite level positions will help close the wage gap. But how do we get women into those leadership positions?

Professional Ghosting: What You Need to Learn About Workplace Envy

Featured on Forbes

Workplace envy has the potential to threaten personal relationships, workplace collaboration, and organizational success. Learn how to handle the green-eyed monster when you are the object of envy.

The Most Common Communication Mistakes Women Make

Featured on Forbes

By replacing meaningless and unnecessary words with words of value, you can change the impact of the entire conversation and how others perceive you.

Three Secret Impostor Syndrome Triggers (That Aren't About Self-Confidence)

Featured on Forbes

Impostor syndrome isn't just a self-confidence issue. It often arises out of how you evaluate yourself.

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