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Ellevate Essentials: The Secret to the Secret of Success (Resilience)

So what is the secret to success? The most important ingredient for a successful career is resilience. In a world that is constantly changing, you need to know how to get back up when you're down.

Changing Careers? 7 Obstacles And Strategies To Overcome Them

Changing careers is a big decision. It's both exciting and stressful and requires a significant amount of time and commitment....

Prepared For A Job Change? 5 Strategies That Can Help

As the Greek philosopher Herclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” My question to you is, are you ready for it?

Single Task Your Way to a Better Life and Career

Multitasking once was thought to be a valuable skill for the busy professional. Research tells us that singletasking is actually more effective and can result in higher productivity and efficiency.

Real-Life Career Change Stories Prove You Have Many Options

If you’re feeling stuck, know that there are many options to make a career change. Here are five real-life examples of people from their 20’s to their 50’s making big transitions: Do what you know just for another industry Susanne Rhow took her establis...

Women and business: June 5th, 2015

This week we celebrated Angelina Jolie's 40th birthday, learned why Miss Piggy is a feminist and found Brooklyn to be the city with the most women-led startups. New research showed us that wom...

Women in Business News
How to Create a More Inclusive Workplace for Your Diverse Employees

The tech industry has developed the negative (but accurate) reputation of being a homogenous boys’ club. But fortunately, companies are beginning to make an effort to boost their diversity.

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Why Productivity Tools Don't Work

I’ve struggled with productivity lately. I used to have a very structured day at an office where x, y, and z were expected of me. But now I call the shots and create my own flow.

Leading Ladies and Lads

I believe that women’s definition of leadership is different than that of men. For many women, being a leader does not absolve us of doing something that might be considered a menial task.

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Women in Business: May 27, 2015

This week, Mary Meeker gave several important insights during her internet trends report, Forbes released the list of America’s richest self-made women, and EA Sports announced the new FIFA video game would include women soccer stars for the first time....

Why You’re Unhappy with Your Work and Four Steps to Feeling Better

There are two critical components to job satisfaction: meaningful work and a supportive supervisor.

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The Mad Men Women of Today: The Next Chapter

As one of America’s finest television series came to an end, its legions of female fans celebrated as we saw glimpses of the paths that lay ahead for two of the show’s best and strongest characters.

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