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As a leader in our local chapter of Ellevate, I pay special attention to articles that come out about women in business- especially when I'm responsible for posting these articles on our social media.

Thinking of Becoming a Stay-at-Home Mom? Leave the Job, Not the Workforce

Next to my divorce, one of the toughest challenges I’ve had in my life was trying to re-enter the workforce after a prolonged absence home with my children. You would think that moving to a...

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Tempted to Take ANY Job: 4 Strategies To Help You Think Twice

There’s no doubt that job-hunting in this economy can be challenging but conducting a job search from a place of fear rather than strength doesn’t always add up to success or satisfaction.

More Strategies For Radical Career Change: Overcoming Critics And Naysayers

In a recent Forbes post, I profiled management consultant-turned-journalist Archith Seshadri, who shared his lessons for making a radical career change. Archith mentioned that his colleagues were “...

Trending: February 27th Edition

Trending: February 27th Edition...

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Member Advice: Career...

Small Ways Leaders Alienate Female Employees Through Gender-Biased Criticism

With so many studies confirming the advantages of female-friendly workplaces, it’s a wonder more companies don’t make a conscious effort to knock down gender barriers.

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Was Patricia Arquette's Oscar Speech Unethical or Authentic?

I ask this question because her intentions are currently under fire for the political statement that she made on stage during her acceptance speech at the 2015 Academy Awards.

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Divide and Conquer: Feminist Style and why Patricia Arquette is Right

After this post, I may be asked to hand over my feminist card, but they’ll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers first.

Trending: February 20th Edition

Read popular articles from the web all in one place. This week, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had the perfect response to the question: "When will there be enough women in the...

My Jaw-Dropped, Ah-Ha Manager Moment

My Jaw-Dropped, Ah-Ha Manager Moment by Sallie Krawcheck...

Operating Partner Alison Berkley Wagonfeld on Diversity in Venture Capital

There has been much discussion lately about the rampant gender imbalance at tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. The lack of diversity also extends into the venture capital (VC) ind...