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Defining Success on Your Own Terms with Sallie Krawcheck & Friends

Careers aren’t straight lines, no matter how much we plan, worry, or think we know how to make it happen. Hard work helps make your dreams come true, but it takes more than that to be successful.

Event Recaps

​Set A Big Goal -- And Achieve -- It This Year

​Set A Big Goal -- And Achieve It -- In 2016...

Event Recaps

Ellevate Members Offer Tips For Succeeding In The New Year

Ellevate Members Offer Tips For Succeeding In The New Year...

Event Recaps

A Roadmap To Leaving Your Job And Starting A Creative Business

It’s one thing to sit in your cubicle and dream about fleeing corporate America to launch a creative business. It can be difficult, though, to figure out how to go about it on a logistical level. When

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​Get Noticed: Executive Search Experts Tell Us How

Conducting a job search? Executive search professionals recently sat down with Ellevate Network to tell it like it is when it comes to what companies are searching for in a candidate.

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How to Jump Back into the Workforce

By Christine CondonIf your career looks like a cardiograph--starting out in life with a normal beat, spiking with excitement when you get promoted and then at some point flatlining, you are not...

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Why Smart Women Get Stuck and What To Do About It

Do you ever ask yourself, what should I do with my life, or what can I do that is more meaningful? Or, I haven’t been employed in a long time — who would want to hire me? It can be daunting to mak...

Event Recaps

The Secret to Leading the Life You Want: Strategies from a Wharton Professor

Stew Friedman, Wharton School of Business professor and advisor to business leaders, recently posed this hard line question to Ellevate members. He had to coax the audience to respond and got a dec...

Event Recaps

​Brand You: Personal Brand Seminar

Develop a personal brand to transform your business, career and life by Jen Weitsen Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”...

Event Recaps

Leverage Your Experience For A Mid Career Shift

“People who are really happy at their work are usually happy over all. This is one of those variables that defines your value in the real world,” stated Career Consultant Julia Harris Wexler at one...

Event Recaps

A Conversation with Carolina Herrera

“Fashion is really all about how one feels and the confidence you project to the world.” Carolina Herrera’s singular stature stems from having become an entrepre...