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How to Get Your Audience to See it Your Way

The success of any persuasive presentation comes down to one thing: convincing your audience that what you're proposing is good for them.

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Embrace the "No"

You should never be defeated by the word "no."

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Defining Talent: Three Conflicting Beliefs and How to Navigate Your Natural Abilities

Let’s tackle some fundamental questions about talent - one of the biggest pieces in your career pivot puzzle - so you can embark on your career-changing journey with more confidence and clarity.

You Are Your Best Advocate

Working hard and being good at your job is not enough. Know your worth and don't be afraid to show it.

You Must Negotiate

Nearly 70% of women accept the salary they're offered and don't negotiate.

5 Big Lies That Block Your Progress... And How to Conquer Them

There are several limiting beliefs (or big lies) that we tend to tell ourselves that keep us stuck. Some simple reframing exercises can make all the difference between stuck and super-star.

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How to Take Control When You’re Interrupted in Meetings

Tired of being constantly interrupted in meetings? Turns out that there is more to interrupting than meets the eye. Here's how to handle it when it happens to you.

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Taking the Emotion Out of Asking to Be Paid Your Worth

There are so many emotions tied up with money that it's no wonder it can be hard to ask to be compensated at the right level, or know what the right level is.

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Negotiation: The Bottom Line

This article is meant to sharpen your already-existing negotiation talent, from asking for more rice or chicken at the Chipotle line to negotiating with your spouse. We are great negotiators!

How My Dad Taught Me to Fight for Equal Pay

My father taught me a great deal about negotiating. Most striking are the three lessons that I will share in this article and how I've used those lessons to fight for equal pay.

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What is Equal Pay?

​Equal Pay refers to the concept that employees have the right to compensation which is free from discrimination based on any factor of their identity, including but not limited to: gender, disability

Speaking Up and Getting What You're Worth, with Deepali Vyas

Research has shown that a diverse team leads to better business results.

The Ellevate Podcast