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Lead Back to Center Through D&I

Featured on Medium

It is more important than ever for leaders to expand and embed diversity and inclusion practices throughout their organizations.

​Leading Teams in Our New Normal

Featured on Medium

Relevant and timely advice from top executives at Cisco, Zoom, Amazon Web Services, Unilever, and more on how to lead, motivate, and support your teams in our new normal.

A First Time Manager's Guide To Managing People Remotely

Becoming a first time manager is both a challenge and a learning opportunity. Adapting to remote management during a global pandemic is a lesson in leading through uncertainty.

Cultivate a Startup Mindset in Your Legacy Organization

Featured on Forbes

Older, established organizations, often considered set in their ways, are cultivating startup cultures to thrive in the future.

Why Leadership Training is Critical to Helping Women Achieve Their Potential

Featured on Forbes

Inclusive cultures consistently beat homogenous ones when it comes to revenue, profitability, and decision-making.

Lead with Empathy, Lead with Inclusion

Featured on Medium

Whether you are a leader in name or not, your leadership skills are desperately needed to create a sense of calm, connectedness, and compassion — in a word, inclusion — with those around you.

Making This Mistake as a Leader Can Be Detrimental to Your Team

Featured on Medium

Right now is a critical time for leaders to be crystal clear with their communication. This sneaky phrase is negatively impacting teams, creating misunderstandings, and lowering productivity.

Tomorrow's Leaders

Set up managers, directors, and newly-promoted VPs for success.

Tips on Business Communication During Times of Crisis

Featured on Medium

How to manage the communication process in a reasoned, stabilizing manner during a time of crisis.

Three Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Technical Communications

Featured on Forbes

No matter how dry, technical, or complicated your subject matter, these three storytelling tips will breathe life into your words and resonate with people in a compelling and memorable way.

The Way We Work

Featured on Medium

The way we work is changing. And in order for businesses to flourish, the people in its ecosystem must flourish.

Tips on Asking for a Raise

Featured on Medium

Let's take a cue from JLo and ask for what we really want and deserve: a raise. Here are some tips to prepare you for asking for that raise.