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Quotes that Inspire You to Live the Life You Want

“It is your life and it is worth risking everything to make it yours.” – Oprah

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The Retirement Savings Crisis "Aha"...and Why It Really Matters

Here's what we know: we know that the retirement savings crisis is enormous; by some estimates, Americans are under-saved by up to $14 trillion. We know that this number, as large as it, may in fact be understated, because it assumes Social Security and M...

Literature: The Rise and Fall of the Patriarchy

Literacy is revered for its innumerable benefits. But there was a cost and the price was paid in the birth of patriarchy and gender dynamics. The invention of the alphabet tilted the balance of power towards the masculine-a shift that took place eons ago,...

Be the Heroine... Write Your Life's Film Shot by Shot

Have you woken up some day wondering about life? Why you do what you do? Does it make you happy, stressed or scattered? Do you feel lost and not sure where you are headed in life? Look back at life and ask, if your life were a film, what did it look like?

Does a Woman Have to Dress Down to Move Up in her Career?

I had bosses and encounters with men who thought nothing of inappropriate behavior. In a way, it was their badge of honor and my baggage to carry. So, how can this still be going on?

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The Number One Reason You're Getting Passed Over for Promotions

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m a capable, hard worker; are the stars misaligned? Why did he get that promotion when I’m so much smarter/better qualified/have seniority? Why isn’t my boss recognizing what I have to offer?”

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Women and business: April 17, 2015

This week we acknowledged Equal Pay Day (in hopes that we won’t ever need it again!), celebrated Emma Watson’s birthday and learned a lesson in management from Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price (he raised the minimum wage of all his employees to $70,000/ yea...

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5 Communications Lessons Learned Working at an Anti-Poverty Nonprofit

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are the world's targets for addressing extreme poverty in its many dimensions. The MDGs target date expires this year, and as we collaborativ....

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Empowering Women: Pizza, the Pill & Partnerships

What empowers women? Would you believe pizza and the pill? Take-out pizza and delivery changed women’s lives: working women could now have dinner on the table even if they arrived home late.

Wise Words on Equal Pay Day

"If you say, I'm for equal pay, that's a reform. But if you say, I'm a feminist, that's a transformation of society." – Gloria Steinem

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Leadership Lessons from Leading Ladies of Game of Thrones

While it can be difficult to embrace the workings of characters set in fictional continents in a fantasy world, there are still timeless leadership lessons these ladies teach us.

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Re-defining Your Glass Ceiling

Re-defining Your Glass CeilingLet me ask you a question: do you believe there is a glass ceiling where you work? If you answered yes, you believe there is a glass ceiling at your employment, (1) wh...

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