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5 Social Media Tactics to Help Boost Your Career

Lina Duque shares innovative and practical social media tactics that women can apply immediately to raise their visibility and boost their careers, whether they hold entry-level or executive positions

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A Side Hustle Can Enhance Your Career

The gig economy is alive and well and many people are taking control of their professional lives by activating a side hustle to add a supplemental income stream or flex entrepreneurial muscles.

How to Switch from an Employee to an Entrepreneur Mindset

Switching from an employee to entrepreneur mindset is a challenge. Here are a few tips to make the switch!

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From 9-5er to Entrepreneur: The 10 Lessons I've Learned Along the Way

The journey from corporate leadership development professional to full time entrepreneur and the top 10 lessons along the way.

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How Much Is Too Much When You're Negotiating A Raise?

Key to the outcome is the strength of the evidence you can collect.

Female Advisors No Longer Need to Sacrifice to Succeed

Female Financial Advisors continue to make sacrifices in order to succeed, sacrifices that are no longer necessary in order to build a thriving financial services practice.

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Seven Levers To Negotiate As A Consultant, Temp Or Freelancer

Yes, you can negotiate as a consultant, temp, freelancer, or small business owner. Don’t assume that since it’s just you versus a bigger company that you don’t have leverage.