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Inspirational Quotes from Bright Minds In Business and Inclusion

“If you wish to achieve greatness, don’t ask for permission.” — Marina Maher, CEO

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Seven Levers To Negotiate As A Consultant, Temp Or Freelancer

Yes, you can negotiate as a consultant, temp, freelancer, or small business owner. Don’t assume that since it’s just you versus a bigger company that you don’t have leverage.

How Childlike Transparency Should Guide Your Leadership Style

We teach our kids that the basis of any good relationship is honesty and trust, but we often forget the same principles apply to our leadership style at work.

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5 Most Powerful Ways to Attract Millennials

Millennials are the largest portion of the workforce, and companies still have trouble with enticing them to be employees. Here are the five most powerful ways to attract Millennials to your company.

How to Cultivate Thriving Leaders

When employees are encouraged and equipped to contribute to the company’s overall mission, they feel fulfilled and engaged. Learn how to invest in your people and cultivate thriving leaders.

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Employees Leave Leaders, Not Companies

Here’s a truth I want you to think about: Individuals join an organization because of a great ‘vision’ but individuals leave because of poor leadership.

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You've Been Assigned a Mentor — Now What?

In the corporate environment we are often assigned mentors and it usually ends up being an unproductive relationship. This article provides some tips to make the mentorship more efficient.

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Resources for Professional Women: Professional Development and Education

At Ellevate Network, we believe that ​networking and ​education are the keys to long term career success. It’s no secret that mentorship and sponsorship can ​accelerate your career exponentially, but

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Ten Low-Cost Options For Customized Leadership Development

If you’re in transition or at a company with few or no training resources, you will have to create your own leadership program. Here are ten low-cost options for customized leadership development:

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Quotes About The Importance of Relationships

“We can improve our relationships with others by leaps and bounds if we become encouragers instead of critics.” - Joyce Meyer

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How to Develop a Healthy Mentoring Relationship

During the process of mentoring, I have learned as well as offered advice. First, I learned ​how broad the term mentoring is. I believe people are so unclear about mentoring and what they want out of

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Why We Don't Need a New Barbie

Behold, Barbie now comes in tall, petite, curvy and just about every skin tone as your favorite cosmetics line. Girls around the world can now rejoice. I am so glad I have boys.