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Seven Tips For Succeeding as a Woman in a Man’s World

It’s difficult to pick up a salary survey or business magazine and not be reminded of this fact. As women, we’re still paid less than men who are doing the same work.

Why You Should Have an Employee Referral Program

The benefits of a good employee referral program include expanding your talent pipeline and saving money and resources. If you don’t currently have a program, you should.

Five Steps to Breaking Into the Media

Featured on Huffington Post

Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living, I give them the simple answer: “I get people on TV.” This inevitably leads to them asking me …. “But, how?” The most effective answer to this question

The New Resume Rules

Featured on Huffington Post

There is endless information out there about resumes, and it seems everyone has an opinion. What resumes should look like. What they should feature. What they definitely should not include. Their...

Four Ways to Network (When You Don't Love Networking)

Employed or unemployed. Corporate or entrepreneur. There’s one activity they all have in common that seems to cause a level of stress and resistance like no other.Networking. We all know how import...

Ellevate Essentials

Ellevate Essentials: Getting the Most Out of Your Ellevate Network Membership

Congratulations! You are about to graduate from the Ellevate Essentials. In today’s final podcast, we’ll give you some tips so you can make the most of your Membership in the Ellevate Network....

3 Mistakes You’re Making On LinkedIn (And How To Fix Them)

Featured on Huffington Post

Three common mistakes people make when putting together their LinkedIn profiles and brief descriptions of how to fix these missteps. These suggestions are valuable for job seekers and consultants.

Networking Tips to Make it a Career Fair To Remember

Featured on Huffington Post

Whether you love or loathe professional networking, it’s one of the most powerful tools you’ll ever use to find your ideal job. In fact, an estimated 70 to 80 percent of jobs are found through netw...

Improve Your Business Performance by Accepting Your Vulnerability

Featured on Huffington Post

Decisiveness and confidence in business are good things. The state of “knowing” makes it possible for leaders to make timely decisions, provide clear direction and solve complex problems.

How to Have Effective Networking Meetings That Don’t Waste Each Others’ Time

​Whether you’re looking for your next job, a mentor, new clients, or collaborators, there are many ways you can make one-on-one coffee meetings count. And then, of course, there are LOTS of ways to...

From Business Card to Business Relationship in 5 Steps

Featured on Huffington Post

On my return from a conference several years, ago, I sat at my desk with a large pile of business cards. I knew that amongst these colorful cards were potential clients, partners and friends. But...

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