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Attract Investors’ Attention by Embracing the Way You Stand Out

Featured on Huffington Post

Recently, at an investor conference, I noticed a man following me, and I asked him why. “You’re only one of two women here,” he said. “I want to know the ‘unicorns’ in the room.”

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This is the reason professional women network

97% of Ellevate Members attend networking events. Why? They're looking to meet like-minded people and learn something new.

How to Hire A Sales Super Star

I am often asked, "What makes a great sales person?" Many would say a great sales person needs to be aggressive, hard working, experienced. But is that all it takes?

Leaders Choose to Lead

Although leadership is imposed onto some people -- such as in jobs, labor or political positions -- for others it is a choice made voluntarily, not on...

Modern Marketing: Moms vs. Millennials

Who buys the gas, the groceries, makes family healthcare decisions, purchases family plans at Verizon and holds down the fort when chaos stirs?...

The Key to Becoming a Successful Mentor

Featured on Huffington Post

By definition, a mentor is a catalyst for growth. Some of the most successful mentors of all time possess these characteristics: perspective, clarity,...

How to Master the Follow-Up and Keep Your Network Connected

Featured on Huffington Post

When networking, most people fail in the follow-up. You know how it is; you collect some cards and have some great conversations at an event but then you don't follow-up or cultivate relationships.

A Small Company’s 5 Tips For A Successful Conference Exhibit

Imagine the scene: thousands of attendees – read, potential customers, business leads and critical networking contacts - all gathered at your industry...

Attracting the Right Sponsor to Accelerate Your Career: Part One

​Nothing happens automatically when it comes to your career success. Obtaining sponsorship is no different.

If You Are Starting a Blog in 2016, Don’t.

Google the phrase “how to make money blogging” and you’ll get 12.5 million results. Blogging has shifted from a hobby to a legitimate side hustle or full-time gig.

Practical Networking Tips for Introverts

Featured on Huffington Post

Networking was such a foreign concept to me. And I really do mean foreign -- we don’t do the organized networking thing in El Salvador. I knew that bu...

How to Make an Effective Request and Get What You Want From Anyone: A Two-Pronged Framework

At different points in time, we all need or want something from a wide variety of people. You want a friend to refer you for a job. You want your boss...

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