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Why You Should Build Your Mentor Network

Featured on Huffington Post

At the 25th annual Dynamic Women in Business conference at Harvard Business School this year, the impressive list of keynote speakers comprised of Pam...

Inside Ellevate Blog

New for Members: Your Inner Circle

Reaching your professional goals isn't easy, but at Ellevate, we're here to help. 20% of you told us that growing your network was your top goal for 2016, so we've been hard at work developing the ...

5 Ways to Up Your Networking Game on Valentine’s Day

Featured on Huffington Post

Holidays offer a great opportunity to set yourself apart with your networking. For example, Valentine’s Day is not just for lovebirds and roses; It can be used to market yourself, build relationshi...

3 Ways to Optimize Your Personal Brand

​A personal brand is cultivated over time. It is a strategic art form. Your personal branding is your strategic “sticky"; a consistent way to showcase your difference and connect with people so tha...

How Owning a Tamagotchi Prepared Me to Run My Crowdfunding Campaign

Featured on Huffington Post

I’m at the end of the first week of my 30-day crowdfunding campaign and it hit me: my campaign is exactly like owning a Tamagotchi, the electronic pet that died if you didn't pay it enough attention.

Event Recaps

5 Ways To Position Yourself As An Industry Authority

Whatever product you sell or service you offer, chances are you’re not the only one out there. How do you differentiate yourself from the next lawyer, chiropractor, florist or widget maker?

How To Stay Employed

We've all been there: the endless job search. Most of us aren’t eager to repeat that process anytime soon. Unfortunately, in today’s market, being downsized is much more common.

Everything You Need To Know About Being On A Nonprofit Board

Being able to say you’re on a nonprofit board sounds impressive, but it also comes with commitment. We asked a few Ellevate Network members about the ins and out of being on a nonprofit board, and ...

Event Recaps

Make The Most Out Of Your Next Networking Event

Make The Most Out Of Your Next Networking Event...

Be Mindful How You "Out With the Old"

When I was young, a wise mentor and close friend once said something to me, roughly quoted as, "How we end things is as important, if not more important, than how we begin them." This has stuck wit...

Event Recaps

Q&A With Build-A-Bear Workshop Founder, Maxine Clark

Q&A With Build-A-Bear Workshop Founder, Maxine Clark...

Overwhelmed By Career Commitments? 5 Areas To Simplify

For many people, there is something career-related on the new year resolutions list. Perhaps you will finally get a new job, ask for that raise, or simply get out more and network. Then the reality...

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