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How To Assess The Value Of Your Networking Efforts

Featured on Huffington Post

Many of us realize the importance of networking to grow your career or business. But how do you measure the success of your efforts?

Event Recaps

What To Look For In A Networking Group

Geri Stengel, content marketing, market research, and entrepreneurship specialists, shares her secrets for successful networking.

Working It, In August

While August is traditionally considered a vacation month, it is also a great time to build one’s business. People are more relaxed and calendars are not as crowded. Yet, work still gets done.

Nice Women Win: Why Being Nice is a Business Strength

Featured on Forbes

While attending a networking event, I met a young woman who hoped to transition from her position as a journalist to a career in business. We exchanged business cards and she promptly reached out a...

Event Recaps

How To Find The Right Mentor

How to find the right mentor...

Leadership Lessons I Learned This Summer

I recently had the opportunity to attend the National Speakers Association convention, and I did not expect the extraordinary leadership wisdom that flowed from the speakers who took the platform.

Does Your Network Really Work for You? Answer These 3 Questions

The ultimate professional network to have is a group of professionals that support and sponsor your goals without you asking because they want to ensure your success.

How To Go From Being Mentored To Being Sponsored

I have never met a leader in my career who was not flattered that someone thinks enough of them to be asked to serve in a mentoring type capacity.

The Joys of Networking...Really! (Part 2)

Networking is an excellent way to get your “unfair share” of business-building attention. But to achieve your goals, you need to network strategically.

The Joys of Networking - Really!

Networking is one of best ways to build one’s business. You will have a stronger shot at getting additional business if you put into practice a smart networking strategy.

Ellevate Essentials

Ellevate Essentials: How to Build Your Personal Board of Directors

Having trustworthy advisors is crucial when you approach a major decision in your career. Make sure that your choices of advisors will serve and guide your career.

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