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Event Recaps

How To Find The Right Mentor

How to find the right mentor...

Leadership Lessons I Learned This Summer

I recently had the opportunity to attend the National Speakers Association convention, and I did not expect the extraordinary leadership wisdom that flowed from the speakers who took the platform.

Does Your Network Really Work for You? Answer These 3 Questions

The ultimate professional network to have is a group of professionals that support and sponsor your goals without you asking because they want to ensure your success.

How To Go From Being Mentored To Being Sponsored

I have never met a leader in my career who was not flattered that someone thinks enough of them to be asked to serve in a mentoring type capacity.

The Joys of Networking...Really! (Part 2)

Networking is an excellent way to get your “unfair share” of business-building attention. But to achieve your goals, you need to network strategically.

The Joys of Networking - Really!

Networking is one of best ways to build one’s business. You will have a stronger shot at getting additional business if you put into practice a smart networking strategy.

Ellevate Essentials

Ellevate Essentials: How to Build Your Personal Board of Directors

Having trustworthy advisors is crucial when you approach a major decision in your career. Make sure that your choices of advisors will serve and guide your career.

Ellevate Essentials

Ellevate Essentials: How to Find a Mentor... Or Better Yet, a Sponsor

Having a mentor is a great idea. But if you really want your career to progress, you need someone who will step up and advocate for you. You need a sponsor.

Prepared For A Job Change? 5 Strategies That Can Help

As the Greek philosopher Herclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” My question to you is, are you ready for it?

​Why Your LinkedIn Profile is More Compelling than Your Resume

Featured on Huffington Post

Today, your LinkedIn profile is even more compelling than your resume. Why? LinkedIn is how you build your professional branding.

Temp-To-Perm Entrepreneur-Style: How A Single Project Can Lead To Repeat Business

While small business owners don’t necessarily want to join their clients as full-time employees, reliable, repeat business from a client (say a retainer over a long period of time) is a great way t...

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