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The Secret to Networking (That Gets Results!)

Featured on Medium

People often think of networking as a necessary evil. By switching your approach, you can radically alter the experience into something that is empowering and meaningful.

Seven Ways to Use the Summer to Advance Your Career

Featured on Medium

With longer days and (often) slower work pace, summer is an opportune time to turn your focus on career goals outside your day-to-day. Here are seven ideas for tapping into the summer for your career.

Three Proven Ways to Create Your Own Serendipity

Featured on Medium

Each day we have the opportunity for enriching and delightfully-unplanned encounters. We should all master the art of creating serendipity.

Being Open In Your Job Search Could Close Employment Opportunities

Featured on Forbes

While being open-minded and flexible is important, twisting yourself into a pretzel won't help you move forward. You need to have a clearly-articulated schtick, goal set, and sense of self-awareness.

Seven Things You Need to Know to Overcome Networking Nerves

An important starting point is recognizing that social norms are different at networking events. Keep reading to learn more tips that will help you make the most out of your next networking event.

Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Board-Matching Service

Featured on Medium

Interested in joining a nonprofit board, but not sure how to get started? Here's a list of what to think when picking a board-matching service for you.

Planning Your Next Career Move? Don’t Forget to Join a Nonprofit Board

Featured on Medium

Joining a nonprofit board is a great way to learn new skills and make new contacts while helping your community at the same time.

Remembering This Simple "Lost Art" Could Land (or Cost) You a Job, Says This Co-Founder

This one simple thing can make all the difference.

How to Network Like an Extrovert (Even if You're an Introvert)

Five practical tips and attitude shifts to help you network like a pro. Learn to work a room, make effortless conversation, build strategic relationships, and become an expert connector.

Forget Passion: Find Your Schtick

Featured on Medium

The advice “Follow your passion and the rest will come” has always made me cringe. This post includes advice for the pragmatically passionate to find and channel their value.

Ellevate Stories

Squad Mod Lessons: Kim Tran

Quality advice can come from anyone, anytime, anywhere! Kim’s experience as the Mod for her Squad reinforced the power of diversity.

Ellevate Stories

Squads and Career Success: Sheena Abraham

Are you ambitious and determined to succeed? Sheena recommends Squads as a means to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your career.

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