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How to Grow Your Instagram, and Why You Should Stop Counting Followers

Featured on Medium

Working in the social media landscape can seem like an ever-moving target. Stressing out about followers is bad for goal-setting, so here are some easy social media tips to take the edge off.

6 Tips for Building A Strong Support Network From Unlikely Sources

Featured on Forbes

​In business, building a network within your professional “community” is a given. This means creating trusting, reliable connections so you can support, guide, mentor, and teach each other. Having spe

5 Keys to Making True Connections

Featured on Medium

How can you really connect with others? Connecting increases your influence in every situation and these 5 keys will help you to confidently connect with many people in your life.

Exercise Your Networking Muscles

Featured on Medium

Everyone may not be an extrovert... but the benefits both professionally and personally of networking can accelerate your journey to success. I am going to share the "what and the how."

Five Networking Tips for Introverts Moving to a New Industry

Featured on Medium

Starting out in a new industry often means starting over with your network. Here's how one person created a plan to get over her introverted tendencies and build a new network.

Stop Hiding. Here's How to Get in the Mood to Network

Inspiration, humor, and practical tips to get you in the mood to network, out the door, working the room, and meeting fabulous new people!

The Ellevate Podcast

Making Connections, with Cecilia Nelson

Cecilia Nelson is the Assistant Vice President of Diversity at L’Oreal. Whether personally or professionally, she makes an impact on people’s lives through forming deep, authentic connections.

Your Most Powerful Secret Weapon for Networking Success

Learn about your most powerful secret weapon for networking success and tips for how to create trust and rapport.

How I Cut Out Pro Bono Gigs, Doubled Down on My Career, and Stopped Feeding my Kids (on Tuesdays)

​I joined ​Ellevate Network’s Squad during their beta launch last fall and was offered the opportunity to serve as a moderator for my team. This newly created program was designed to foster a communit

Building Effective and Fulfilling Business Partnerships

Featured on Forbes

Creating a company that sustains the test of time requires a network of allies, advisors, and partners. Learning to select the right partners and in turn trusting them is vital for success.

5 Networking Tips for Your Next Conference

Featured on Forbes

Making the most of your Conference Experience

How My Squad Helped Me Step Out of My Comfort Zone

Featured on Medium

My Squad works because we have all made the commitment to carve out the time each week. I feel a level of responsibility and accountability to them.

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