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Eight Common Reasons Small Businesses Fail

Featured on Forbes

Eight of the most common reasons small businesses fail and descriptions as to what entrepreneurs should do instead.

How to Avoid Getting Stuck in an “It’s Complicated” Business Status

Featured on Forbes

If your relationship with your business was a Facebook status, what would it be? Learn the three simple steps to move your relationship from “it’s complicated” to fully “engaged.”

Five Big Lies That Block Your Progress and How to Conquer Them

There are a few comforting lies that we sometimes tell ourselves that can block our career progress. Recognizing them is the first step to overcoming them and enjoying the success we deserve.

The Power of Engagement

Featured on Medium

Do you find that you are bored with your work? Is your team really engaged? Some downtime during office hours can be good, but too much of it can be hurting your bottom line.

Entrepreneurial Skills No One Can Teach

Featured on Forbes

In the pursuit of entrepreneurship, there is a lot to learn. But there are some traits that no one can teach you -- traits that don't guarantee success, but that help you get back on your feet.

​Five Ways to Avoid Building a Cash-Strapped Startup

Featured on Forbes

Five important strategies to have in place from the start of your launch to ensure you have the capital you need to grow down the line.

Two Heads Are Not Always Better Than One: Why You May Not Want a Co-Founder

Featured on Medium

The research shows that your chances of success are better without a business partner.

Making the Leap From Corporate Leader to Successful Entrepreneur

Featured on Forbes

Many women are closing the wage gap and getting the freedom, flexibility, and balance they crave by making the leap from leader to entrepreneur. Here are three strategies to go from employee to CEO.

Ellevate Stories

The Squad Perspective: A Soloprenuer's Journey

Yansi shares how her Squads have helped her succeed as a solopreneur.

Five Strategies to Manage Your Self-Care as a New Entrepreneur

This article is about managing our self-care as new entrepreneurs.

Take Action: It Makes a Difference

Join Ellevate CEO Kristy Wallace as she recaps her lessons learned while traveling, speaking, and meeting some of the most influential change makers in her work toward a more equal world.

Five Ways to Start Your Dream Career Right Away

Featured on Medium

Taking action enables you to course-correct along the way. Even the wrong first step is better than no step at all.

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