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Break Bad Spending Habits And Create New Ones

Just like a physical cleanse, a financial cleanse helps to re-set and break habits and get out of debt! A financial cleanse helps to reshape your spending habits for a secure financial future.

The Unexpected And Wonderful Lessons Of Being Fired

Featured on Forbes

On January 9, 2014, I was fired. I am an attorney and compliance officer. I have held positions at Bank of America, Societe Generale and CIT Group.

5 More Limiting Beliefs That Hinder Success

In a recent Forbes post I covered five limiting beliefs that hinder success. I’ve been guilty of all of these – some I outgrew but some come and go depending on what new scary goal I go after or...

6 Leadership Lessons Corporate Leaders Can Learn From Nonprofits

Featured on Huffington Post

Women in nonprofits have long been perceived as needing different skills and holding different life goals than women in the for-profit sector. But as corporate responsibility takes hold and more...

Coffee Talk: The Link Between Leadership & Process Improvement

Featured on Huffington Post

If you've ever tried to instill a culture of process improvement in an organization, then you know it is not an easy task. There are cultural and leadership issues that need to be addressed even...

3 Remarkable Women Who Inspire Me to Be Better on a Daily Basis

Featured on Huffington Post

Inspiration is so important: Watching others steer an idea from vision to realization can guide you down your own entrepreneurial path and fuel your passion along the way.

How I Inspired A Philanthropic Mindset In My Daughters

An entrepreneurial drive runs through my family’s veins. My grandfather owned a very successful bakery in his small Italian hometown, my father ran his own business.

Give Yourself 2 Minutes – Meditate Your Way to Calm

I’ll admit it...I’m a Type A personality—some might even say Type AA. I move at top speed, doing the work I love—coaching, writing, hosting, managing – however, while this boundless energy has been...

Who Will You Be In a Year?

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” This bit of wisdom from Yogi Berra seems obvious, but it contains a great truth. Unless we have purpose and direction – unless...

Resilience: The Must-Have Strength For Entrepreneurs

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is never a straight line. There are lots of ups and downs along the way.

The View is Always the Same on a Hedonic Treadmill

Featured on Huffington Post

This is the key. ​Happiness now at the moment of endeavor. Getting off the hedonic treadmill can be done.

What Would I Tell My 22 Year Old Self & Other Life Questions You Should Answer

What would I tell my 22 year old self? What money suggestions would I share with others? What money suggestions would I share with others?