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Building the Foundation for Financial Security and Independence

Featured on Forbes

As women do not possess equal financial power, we cannot recoup as easily from unforeseen negative events.

How to Safely Reopen Offices: Physical and Behavioral Changes are Key

Featured on Forbes

As states and cities lift COVID-19 restrictions, how can companies safely reopen offices? From physical changes to shifts in employee behavior, there are many challenges to consider.

Managing Internal Distractions: A Skeptic's Conversion to Mindfulness

Featured on Medium

When we think of the work distractions we deal with, we often overlook those in our minds. But learning to manage our mind-wandering can have powerful benefits, not only for work, but for all of life.

Five Ways to Make Corporate Yoga Fun for Team-Building

Featured on Medium

Happiness is health, and the only sustainable way to cultivate lasting joy is by fostering our relationships with ourselves and each other.

Mobilize Women Annual Summit

Mobilize Women Week: Creating a Self-Care Plan

Mobilize Women is about taking action. Make a long term plan and a commitment to your mental health using this tool to create your self-care plan.

Lessons from ​Apollo 11: Dare to Soar

Featured on Medium

If we as a nation can do anything, we as individuals can do the impossible.

A July 4th Miracle: How Surviving a Hit and Run in the Colorado Mountains Taught an Important Lesson About Trauma

Featured on Medium

When it comes to trauma, if we disengage and remain disengaged for too long, it can be hard to return.

Building the Mindset to Thrive in the New Normal

Featured on Forbes

Many are worried about the next level of normal, especially returning back to work. Here are a few strategies to help us and our colleagues take control of how we show up at the office.

Live an Intentional Life

Featured on Medium

Do you find yourself saying: "There's more to life than how I'm living it?" Understanding your why is a big part of living an intentional life.

Stitching Together for Mental Health - Five Reasons Millennials are Gravitating Toward Sewing

Featured on Medium

When you suffer from a dip in your mental health, socializing is an important way to get back to balance. Finding a sewing community online can give you purpose and direction.

Don't Lose Sight of What You are Called For

We need to be cognizant of how we make people feel, because this tells a great deal about ourselves.

How to Manage Your Time in the Era of Virtual Gatherings

Featured on Medium

We each must establish our own boundaries to make virtual gatherings fit into our lives without becoming overwhelmed.