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Time’s Up for Wall Street

Investing in women is key to ending sexual harassment—in finance and elsewhere.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Touch

Artificial intelligence is becoming an important part of our daily life in the business environment. Will robots take over the world?

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Double Bind Dilemma: Leader vs. Team-Player

As a woman, do you want to be viewed as competent or likable? Do we have to choose? Societal norms dictate that we do, but we are capable of reshaping our society and adopting new norms!

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Why Inclusion Means Getting Comfortable With Discomfort

True inclusion requires the willingness to address unwanted behaviors or comments. This means some difficult conversations.

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How to Solve Private Equity's Gender Imbalance

Communication tips and networking suggestions for women working in the private equity community.

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Getting Ken Fisher Off the Stage is Good. Getting More Women at the Helm of Wealth Management is Even Better.

Getting a badly behaved conference speaker off a stage is like getting a bad driver off the road. That’s important. But when the roads are bad, you have to fix the roads, too.

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7 Ways Men Can Support Women As Allies

I am personally very grateful for my own male allies, and in this article I want to highlight and acknowledge the different ways in which men support a woman’s climb to the top.

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The EU’s Next Big Move: Taking Leadership to Close the Gender Gap in AI

Today, as we stand at the crossroads of gender equity and advanced technologies, the EU is ready for an Industry 4.0 rebranding.

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Please Don't Ask Me to Babysit My Coworkers' Kids at the Office Party

I will pay my dues, as long as the benefits are equal for everyone.

Why Recruiting Entry-Level Women Can't Solve Your Gender Equity Problem

Don’t assume that bringing women in at the bottom without making other important changes will deliver any significant change to the status quo.

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 Ellevate Network Publishes White Paper on Best Practices to Drive Equality in the Workplace

Ellevate’s Driving Equality in the Workplace series shares key findings on how to create sustainable and effective diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives within companies.

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Three Ways to Support Women at Your Workplace

One of the biggest challenges women face on their way to the top is that we work and live in a world, culture, and system that is designed for men.

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