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Don't Think Race is an Issue at Your Company? Think Again.

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Our communities are crying out to be seen and heard and recognized for who we are, in our full multi-dimensional identities, with everything both unique and shared about us acknowledged and valued.

Dear Beloved Black People Working to Make it Through in an Environment That May Not Understand You

After the clamor following the George Floyd tragedy ends, we will need to be healthy, well and hopefully, strong. Take care of yourself – first – today.

How Bad is White Supremacy?

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As the world caught fire in the wake of George Floyd's death, I was asked what felt like a loaded question: "How bad is white supremacy?" What follows is my response.

Ten Ways We Can Support Women in the Workplace During a Crisis

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Losing ground at this stage will have dire consequences for women, especially when we have come this far.

Six Reasons Why Talent Development is More Important Than Ever

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One of the best ways for companies to stay agile and relevant in the midst of COVID-19 is to continue prioritizing talent development at all levels.

Show Up

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Showing up is radically impactful, no matter how small or grand the action, because you prioritize care over everything else.

Lead Back to Center Through D&I

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It is more important than ever for leaders to expand and embed diversity and inclusion practices throughout their organizations.

When DE&I is an "Initiative," It's at High Risk for Being Cut

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Business leaders are either struggling to keep their business alive or scrambling to keep up with newfound demand, with very little in between. DE&I work is at high risk in either scenario.

Internal and External Challenges Faced by Women and Ethnic Minorities that Make them More Vulnerable at Work

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Internal barriers refer to the internal constraints and barriers facing any individual. Many of these experienced by women on their way to the top are similar to those faced by minorities.

Three Reasons Social Health Should Be Part of Your Corporate Wellness Program

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With workplace loyalty at an all-time low, companies have to make their existing wellness programs more effective. Social health initiatives can help.

Expansion: The Missing Link to Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion

Featured on Forbes

​Why do diversity and inclusion initiatives often fall short? Why do some efforts actually increase tension and resistance? How can we prevent “diversity fatigue”? The missing link is expansion.

Should Marketing Be the Second M in STEM?

Featured on Forbes

It’s time to think of STEM as more than just Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and include Marketing to provide a more well-rounded set of skills to solve the problems of tomorrow.