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Changing Jobs? Negotiate The Best Possible Compensation Package

If you’re in the midst of a job or career change, it’s important to know which types of compensation and benefits are negotiable so that you can maximize your compensation package.

Perform Your Due Diligence Before Accepting a New Role

It’s your interview too and you must perform your due diligence to determine if the role, your prospective boss, and the company culture are a good fit, so you can do your best work.

It’s Time for a Midyear Career Refresh

It's a good time to take this halfway point in the calendar year to take stock of your career and assess how you want to make an impact over the next six months and beyond.

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How to Use Your Existing Equity Grants to Maximize the Value of Your New Compensation Package

Once you have received a job offer, that’s when the real negotiations begin. Requesting a higher salary and sign-on bonus is the easy part of the process.

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Switching Jobs? Learn How to Negotiate The Best Possible Compensation Package

The best time to negotiate is at the time of hire. This will set the basis for your salary and annual bonus, as well as equity grants. This is also the time to discuss a potential severance package.

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Five Rs Essential to Transform Your Business in an Uncertain Economy

Leaders should stay the course and continue to invest in transformation during this shaky economy, however it's critical to reframe your plans to navigate risks and engage your people the right way.

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Taking Risks and Checking in on Leadership Teams, with Jenna Fisher

We sit down with Jenna Fisher, author of To the Top: How Women in Corporate Leadership Are Rewriting the Rules for Success, to discuss pay equity, the strength of networking, and receiving tough feedback as a woman.

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The Power of Self Awareness, with David Meltzer

We sit down with David Meltzer to discuss self awareness, finding happiness and gratitude, and investing in women and people of color.

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Making Positive Change, with Leslie Wingo

We sit down with Leslie Wingo, CEO at Sanders\Wingo, to discuss creating cultures of belonging, having the important conversations about DEI, and how to be patient in order to make real solutions happen.

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None of Us Are Free Until All of Us Are Free, with Freada Kapor Klein

We sit down with Freada Kapor Klein, Founder of the Level Playing Field Institute, to discuss sexual harassment in the workplace, closing opportunity gaps for lower-income individuals, and the need for intersectionality in everything we do.

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International Women's Day: How Can We Support Parents Returning to Work? with Natalia Ball and Molly McAllister

We sit down with Natalia Ball and Molly McAllister to discuss the importance of representation in leadership, normalizing parental leave for all, and how pets change the world.

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The Secret to Success (It Isn’t Just About the Right Idea)

Every entrepreneur across the globe is in search of success. Success in business and success in life. So why do so many businesses fail?

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