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Career and Purpose: Are They One and the Same?

Featured on Medium

Do you feel confused as to how career and purpose intersect? Maybe it's time to take a new perspective and see how one is an expression of the other.

Career Recovery: Be Resilient After a COVID-19 Job Loss

Featured on Medium

Those who lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19 must showcase resiliency and recovery as they navigate their career future.

Six Secrets for Networking Success

While some encounters are the product of chance, some have to be planned. Though networking has temporarily changed during COVID-19 times, we can still network.

The Power of the Pivot

Featured on Forbes

While words of support have warmed many hearts, seeing brands share their action-led story is making a difference and saving lives.

The Great Pause, or How to Tailor Your Dream DVF Style

Featured on Forbes

Five tips on how to continue pursuing one’s life dream in this time of uncertainty.

Change Careers in 30 Days and 3 Easy Steps

Featured on Forbes

Changing careers doesn’t mean costly or time-consuming degrees or training. You can make a career change at any age using online training and demonstrating your leverage-able skills.

Say Yes to Change

Featured on Medium

Do you believe people can change? The answer to this question can impact our lives significantly.

Transition Through Tumult: How to Set Yourself Up for a Career Change Amidst a Global Pandemic

Featured on Medium

Now is a difficult time to make a big career pivot, given ongoing uncertainty. But don't lose hope - there are tangible steps you can take today to set a strong foundation for your post-pandemic move.

Ten Networking Tips For Career Changers

Featured on Medium

Career changers will get more traction from networking, so if you want to change careers, you have to put yourself out there.

Should You Change Careers or Start a Business?

Featured on Medium

A reader asks: I am considering leaving my career that I have been doing for the past fifteen years and starting a coaching business. Should I get a job related to consulting and training first?

Exploring Project Management? Three Ways to Test Your Readiness for a Career Change

Featured on Forbes

As a PM, leading teams to a successful project outcome is challenging and rewarding. But it’s not for everyone. A bit of research will go a long way to ensuring it’s the right move for you.

Are You Prepared for a Job Change? Five Strategies That Can Help

Featured on Medium

While unemployment rates are deceptively low, job layoffs, company reorganizations, and downsizing are ubiquitous.