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Executive Presence Isn’t Just for Executives

Featured on Medium

With a multi-generational workforce navigating the ongoing pandemic journey, executive presence is still important, but the rules of engagement have changed for the better.

How Entrepreneurs Can Lean Into Fear to Grow Their Business

Featured on Medium

Entrepreneurs will inevitably face paralyzing fears at every point of creating, managing, and pivoting in their business. Check out these pieces of advice from successful female entrepreneurs.

Three Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Own Their Femininity in Business

Featured on Medium

Throughout history, women have often muted their femininity to compete with men, especially in the workplace. But showing up authentically is the most successful way to honor our true selves.

Use These Four Tips to Overcome the Fear That You're Not Good Enough

Featured on Forbes

Know and remember that we are human and we may have doubts and insecurities, but we can overcome them and accomplish great things.

The First Step to Rise More in 2022

Featured on Medium

The voices of female leaders, especially those who are further marginalized within our gender, are needed now more than ever. Here's what you can do right now to plan for your most impactful year yet.

Three Surefire Ways to Own Your Value and Boost Your Career Reinvention

Featured on Forbes

Three strategies for women in midlife to align their value with who they are now and own their skills, talents, and career story to advance a successful career transition.

Focus on Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses, to Find Career Joy

Featured on Medium

It’s better to play to your strengths than trying to fix your weaknesses. It's surprising how many continue to work against their own proverbial grain.

Clarity Through Visualization

Look back and think about what you’ve discovered in journaling. Only then can you craft your personal journey toward clarity.

Small Changes to How You Communicate Can Transform the Way You Work

Featured on Forbes

Get curious about the words you’re using and investigate how they might be holding you back.

How to Pivot and Slay Your Way Into Your Inner CEO Power

Featured on Forbes

Expert tips on overcoming the mental block of impostor syndrome to transform your life and your business.

How to Get Comfortable Asking for Help

Featured on Forbes

Why are women so bad at asking for help? Some women look at asking for help as a weakness, while others look at it like a debt. I recommend not thinking about it as “help,” but rather networking.

Grit and Resilience Will Help You Survive Career Challenges

Featured on Medium

The career world is changing so fast that grit has become a sought-after competency for hiring and a necessity for leaders.