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Four Ways to Ditch Modesty and Speak Confidently About Your Achievements

Featured on Forbes

Women often downplay their successes, which limits the ability to reach our full potential. These four research-backed methods can help you speak about your successes with confidence.

#MobilizeWomen: ​Change the Future by Creating It

Featured on Medium

Key points inspired by #MobilizeWomen Summit on how companies can create an inclusive and equal culture for the benefit of all employees.

One Thing You Can Do to Be a Great Supporter of Women at Work

The best advice I ever got from a photography teacher was, "When you think you see everything, take a big step closer." This is a great metaphor for understanding what women need at work.

When a Colleague Pushes Your Buttons At Work, Should You React?

Featured on Medium

When someone pushes your buttons at work, should we react emotionally or remain stoic? Do we stand up for ourselves or ignore the haters?

Five Ways to Accelerate Digital Transformation by Tapping “Digital Achievers”

Featured on Forbes

Digital transformation continues to challenge executives, and most struggle with where to start. "Digital achievers" help organizations build momentum and move toward digital transformation.

Five Ways Entrepreneurs Use August For Business-Building

Featured on Forbes

August isn't just for vacations anymore. Here's how senior executives and small business owners utilize the final month of summer to strengthen their businesses.

Women’s Advancement in the Law: Small Actions by Male Allies Make a Big Difference

Featured on Medium

This articles explores what and how micro-actions by male allies makes a huge impact for gender equity in the workplace.

The Value of Generational Differences in the Workplace, and How to Leverage Them

Featured on Medium

Most workplaces today include four generations under one roof. As with any type of diversity, embracing generational diversity can improve an organization’s creativity, innovation, and stability.

Five Harsh Things Micro-Managing Might Say About You

Featured on Medium

Micro-managing is a sign that a manager has overlooked one or more of five key areas of leadership. With these insights, you can correct managing missteps, be happier, and lead a more productive team.

The Lonely, Critical Role of Change Leaders

Featured on Medium

Why change leaders are any modern organization’s MVPs — and how to identify them.

How to Lead in Times of Change

Featured on Forbes

Do we ever take a moment to consider how changes personally and emotionally impact us? What’s our approach to change? Do we thrive in change cultures? Do we shrink?

Want to Be a Better Manager? Sweat the Small Stuff

Featured on Forbes

What if those niggling, everyday pain points that we’re trying to ignore are the very things holding us back? Often, the small stuff is the real drain on company culture. Know when to speak up.

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