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What's Good For Women in the Workplace Is Good For Everyone

Featured on Medium

Work-life balance isn’t a women’s issue. We all face the same conflicts: career, relationships, family, passions, and self-care. The solutions that benefit any of us benefit us all.

The Surprising Result of #MeToo in the Workplace That Men and Women Agree On

While the #MeToo movement has captured national attention, our survey shows that there is a lot more work to do to make a real impact in workplaces across the country.

Self-Awareness Tips for Leading With Positive Impact

Featured on Forbes

The leaders we have in life shape the type of leaders we decide to be. By nurturing better leaders through self awareness, they do a lot more than their jobs. They leave a positive impact in society.

Ellevate Stories

Squad Mod Lessons: Kim Tran

Quality advice can come from anyone, anytime, anywhere! Kim’s experience as the Mod for her Squad reinforced the power of diversity.

Is Design Thinking a Catalyst for Innovation?

Featured on Medium

Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that regards problem-solving as a creative pursuit, and it makes sense in many business contexts, especially to drive innovation within an organization.

#MobilizeWomen Action Guide: How to Be True to Yourself

Change starts with this guide, where I’ve compiled my favorite bits from the Summit. I hope it helps you create the change you want to see in your career, in your company, and in the world.

Where You Start Doesn’t Determine Your Success, but These Three Things Can

Featured on Forbes

Everyone has multiple goals that they want to accomplish. No matter your background, people who exhibit these three characteristics have the greatest ability to succeed.

Eight Surprising Reasons Women Are Actually Happier at Work Than Men

New research from employee benefits provider Personal Group's Gender Happiness Gap research suggests that women are happier than men at work.

Five Tips for Creating a Culture of Health in Your Workplace

Featured on Forbes

A key success factor of corporate wellness programs is establishing a ‘Culture of Health' to keep employees engaged. Here are five tips from the creator of BankUnited’s wellness program.

Seven Things Bad*ss Professional Women Don't Do

Featured on Medium

There are a number of commonalities among successful women – the things they do to get ahead, as well as what they intentionally don't do.

Yes, You Really Are Creative

Featured on Medium

You should rethink your assumptions of creativity. By understanding creativity as seeing what others can not, you can learn how to tap into your own creativity.

Starbucks: Why Training Won’t Help

Featured on Medium

Training is just one tool in the toolbox. If employees don’t have an environment that supports a change in their unconscious biases, change will not happen and will certainly not be sustained.

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