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4 Best Places to Find Top Sales Reps & Marketers

Every SMB needs top sales and marketing talent, but struggles to find and retain it. We always look to our network first, however, when this network is exhausted, it’s time to create job postings.

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Managing A Multigenerational Workforce: 4 Tips To Help You Become A Better Leader

Managing A Multigenerational Workforce: 4 Tips To Help You Become A Better Leader...

Professional Branding Requires More Than 9-to-5

One of my favorite movies growing up was Dolly Parton's “9 To 5." Why? Because it was about three women that dared to do something drastic to make their own personal impression in the work force. Granted, rat poison was taking a bit too far but I still lo...

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A Q&A With Work/Life Balance Expert Samantha Ettus

A Q&A With Work/Life Balance Expert Samantha Ettus...

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You Made The Connection. Now What? Tips on Building a Networking Relationship

For many, the act of networking is easy: You go to an event, exchange business cards, make the connection. Then networking contacts go cold.

Me? Start a "For Women" Business?? It's Complicated...

We women don’t need our own investing platform, I argued. After all, there are plenty of platforms out there, plenty of products out there, plenty of advisors out there, plenty of financial education

Pitching to The Media as an Entrepreneur

WomanCon 2015 Explores The Path To Entrepreneurial Success...

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From Bar To Boardroom: 8 Business Lessons From Being A Waitress

As a waitress, I was told I could sell a steak to a vegetarian, and it was true. I was the top producer of the Marietta restaurant where I worked for three years to help make ends meet during college.

Why I Changed My Mind...And Raised a Series A

Why I Changed My Mind...And Raised a Series A...

​Too Many Stars On Your Team? The Measure of A Great Leader

My client provides her team with stretch goals and encourages them to go beyond their perceived capabilities. The net result is that this leader has not just a single star but rather a team of stars.

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5 Traits to Look for in Sales Hires

Every organization needs sales to keep revenue coming in and the lights on. The difficulty here is that, in many cases, the burden of hiring a sales rep is on someone outside of sales. What is the secret sauce? How do you know who is the right sales hire?

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A Simple Secret to Help You Achieve Anything

I see too many women playing small. They’d rather hide behind their cubicle partitions than risk being disliked, judged, or seen as imperfect.

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