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The Mad Men Women of Today: The Next Chapter

As one of America’s finest television series came to an end, its legions of female fans celebrated as we saw glimpses of the paths that lay ahead for two of the show’s best and strongest characters.

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3 Networking Tips for Your Summer Weekends

During a summer weekend, many of us look forward to relaxing. But while you are enjoying your leisure time you can also network. Here are tips to incorporate networking into your summer weekends.

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Part Two: In Honor of Female Founders Month: Let's #changetheratio

The Bad News First: Media perception of women is more harsh than that of men. Much of that has nothing to do with company performance (such as age, beauty, clothing, haircuts, etc.).

Womenomics: 10 Reasons Why We Need More Women on Boards

1. Your stakeholders, including employees, investors and customers include women. How better to understand these constituencies than by representing them at the top of the organization?

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Part One - In Honor of Female Founders Month: Let's #changetheratio

I started my career on Wall Street, and while there was a lot of bad (sexist) behavior in the 80s and 90s (a la Wolf of Wall Street), I still think of Wall Street as the “great equalizer."

Are You Bragging Enough?

A few nights ago I co-taught a seminar and one of the attendees told us she was published in a prominent publication in her field. When we asked about where she had spread the word, the answer was nowhere.

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Women and business: May 8th, 2015

This week we celebrated one of the biggest fundraisers (and saw some pretty intense outfits) at the Met Gala, challenged our view of the classic women's restroom sign with #ItWasNeverADress and saw Amazon de-genderize toys on their site. Lifetime introduc...

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Inspiring Quotes About Teamwork

“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.” - Margaret Carty

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One Thing Employees Are Looking For In A Leader

Don't you hate when a "green manager" introduces this "brand new" theory to reach clients that goes so obviously against the experience you have of the clients?

Rainmaking with Poise: Cultivating Poise to Bring in Business

What is it that makes a person stand out as they enter a room? Embodied poise, a comfort level in one's own skin, the confidence that all outcomes are working out.

Capital & Credit: Why Women SMB Owners Shouldn’t Fear the 2 C’s

Women entrepreneurs face no shortage of challenges when it comes to starting a business but perhaps none are more important, or daunting, than the “Big C’s.” Capital and credit.

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Best Tech for Flexible Work Schedules and Telecommuting

The 2014 National Study of Employers found that flexible employment is on the rise. With telecommuting up 17 percent since 2008, the nine-to-five model of employment is changing, allowing employees to have greater agency over their time and productivity....