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Yes You Can...But Can You Afford To?

Featured on Forbes

Building a business from scratch often means hoping others will extend some good will or credit to you. It’s not unusual to reciprocate with a bit of your expertise at no cost to them.

What is your Networking Escape Route?

We’ve all been there. You are at a networking event and someone comes up to you. They are talking and you can't get a word in edgewise. Here are tips for escaping those conversations.

No, You Can't Pick My Brain

Featured on Huffington Post

I don't sell a "product." I provide a service. My "product" is my expertise. Sometimes people want to solicit my services for free so I've learned some tips to minimize feeling taken advantage of.

Negotiation Strategies For Entrepreneurs: 4 Ways You Are Losing Money

In a recent Forbes post, I wrote about negotiation strategies for the underpaid employee. As an entrepreneur, you also negotiate – when you make a sale, when you decide on specifications or customi...

Online Reputation Management, CEOs and the Age of Gender Discrimination Litigation

Featured on Huffington Post

CEOs and business leaders are scrutinized online in a way most of us will never be. Every day, they are the subject of articles, commentary and speculation.

Sales And Marketing: Are You Chasing The Wrong Goal?

In a recent Forbes post, I wrote about chasing the wrong goal with the example of landing a promotion and still being unhappy. Aiming for one goal when you’re really after something else is not l...

Why You Should Actually Network LESS

“I’m networking my ass off! I don’t know why I’m not getting any business.” A colleague said this. We were in a group, so I resisted the urge to shout, “I do!" and tried to smile supportively instead.

When Doing What You Love Doesn’t Pay

Featured on Forbes

We’ve all heard the expression “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” True. But sometimes it also means you’ll never earn a nickel.

The 3 Secrets to Achieving More Through LinkedIn

We have heard it a thousand times: when it comes to advancing our career, it’s “all about who you know.” Many people believe that more relationships equals more opportunity.

How To: Deliver Critical Feedback Effectively

Whether you’re an employee who isn’t getting enough input from your boss, or a leader who is struggling with how to deliver a tough message, feedback is a universal and unavoidable challenge. As a ...

An Executive Woman’s Place is in the Data

I have often wondered why some companies languish in their use of customer data and others feast on it. The stakes are high, because data-driven compa...

5 Lessons I Learned about Business while on a Flying Trapeze

I have always been scared of heights. (That might be why I’m so short.) But I made a commitment to myself that I would try a flying trapeze class because it looked like so much fun.