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Overcoming Overwhelm In Your Life and Business

If I could sum up every day of the first year of building and running my start-up, I would condense it into one word: overwhelmed.

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 How To Communicate With Confidence Using 3 Delightfully Simple Steps

As important as the elevator pitch is, when not crafted correctly it can do more harm than good. So how to use an elevator pitch without turning people off and sounding like a machine?

Ten Fun Entrepreneur Quotes

I have been profiling a series of real-life career change stories, many of whom are entrepreneurship stories. The insights are invaluable, but the direct quotes are the most fun. Here are ten of my...

What I've Learned As An Entrepreneur (And Didn't Know As A Corporate Exec)

Although becoming an entrepreneur is appealing and exciting, switching from your role as a Corporate Executive can be challenging. Check out the resources below to learn how to transition smoothly,...

Ellevate Essentials: How to Raise Money for a New Venture

The number of women-owned businesses is increasing; however research shows that these businesses have a harder time raising capital. So, how do you raise money for your new venture?

Ellevate Essentials: How to Increase Employee Engagement

According to recent studies, 88% of employees don't have passion for their work. Having disengaged employees can cost your company real money. But how can you avoid this problem?

Ellevate Essentials: The Secret to Building an Insanely Great Team

We all know this: having the right team (not just the right people) can make or break a business. But how do you make sure you have that team? Is it an art or a science?...

Ellevate Essentials: Top Rookie Manager Mistakes (That Make You Look Like a Jerk)

As a rising leader in your field, you are starting to prove yourself as a leader. We want to talk to you about what NOT to do when you move into management.

Real-Life Career Change Stories Prove You Have Many Options

If you’re feeling stuck, know that there are many options to make a career change. Here are five real-life examples of people from their 20’s to their 50’s making big transitions: Do what you know just for another industry Susanne Rhow took her establis...

Temp-To-Perm Entrepreneur-Style: How A Single Project Can Lead To Repeat Business

While small business owners don’t necessarily want to join their clients as full-time employees, reliable, repeat business from a client (say a retainer over a long period of time) is a great way to even out the vagaries of cash flow that stymie many smal...

The Mad Men Women of Today: The Next Chapter

As one of America’s finest television series came to an end, its legions of female fans celebrated as we saw glimpses of the paths that lay ahead for two of the show’s best and strongest characters.

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3 Networking Tips for Your Summer Weekends

During a summer weekend, many of us look forward to relaxing. But while you are enjoying your leisure time you can also network. Here are tips to incorporate networking into your summer weekends.

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