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A Simple Secret to Help You Achieve Anything

I see too many women playing small. They’d rather hide behind their cubicle partitions than risk being disliked, judged, or seen as imperfect.

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A Few Thoughts About Pitching Articles (That Have Nothing to Do With The Pitch Itself)

Here are some things I've learned, all of which have more to do with the mentality and approach behind pitching articles rather than how to write the pitch itself.

5 Reasons Why Asking Salary History Limits Your Hiring Options

5 Reason Asking Salary History Limits Your Hiring Options...

​Quit Whining and Do Your Job

It is human nature to externalise work place challenges. We can easily find lots to complain about; every organisation has obstacles. I was recently at a leadership seminar for one of my clients. It was interesting to observe the composition of diverse l...

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Five Things Small Businesses Can Do To Create A Culture That Benefits Women

Five Things Small Businesses Should Be Doing To Create A Culture That Benefits Women...

Marketing Exec Susan Avarde On Brands, Business And Professional Success

Susan Avarde Talks Brands, Marketing And Career Advice...

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Accenture's Ellyn Shook Talks Inclusion, Leadership and Life Balance

Accenture's Ellyn Shook Talks Inclusion, Leadership and Life Balance...

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How To Assess The Value Of Your Networking Efforts

Many of us realize the importance of networking to grow your career or business. But how do you measure the success of your efforts?

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Don't Overlook Your Male Clients

As an expert in women and wealth, I have grown tired of hearing how men are finance-savvy and women are not. While some research supports the notion that some female clients are less confident...

What To Look For In A Networking Group

Geri Stengel, content marketing, market research, and entrepreneurship specialists, shares her secrets for successful networking.

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Are You Creating Content That Empowers Your Customers?

Product and service referrals have always been a part of life. We’ve always relied on the expertise and recommendations of others to make buying decisions. Historically, if we needed advice on a new product or service, we’d contact the person we thought w...

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Is Angel Investing Poised to be Disrupted?

Is Angel Investing Poised to be Disrupted by Christine Condon...

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